Picture Hanging Systems

Are you sick of punching holes in your walls leading to messy patching up and unsightly damages? Are crooked pictures hanging on your walls driving you mad?

There is a solution that is affordable, easy to install and provides you with the flexibility to change your art around as often as you wish - all without the use of a drill or hammer. Install a gallery hanging system.

Used by galleries for exhibitions, museums, offices, retail shops and homes, a gallery hanging system is discreet which means that you can enjoy your framed art.

We offer a specially designed aluminium track that butts up against the ceiling or cornice with stainless steel hangers and cables that fit onto the track and can be slid to any point along it. Hooks are then attached to the cables, ready to hang your framed picture in any position and at any height.

There are 3 main components of the gallery hanging system:

  • Wall mounted aluminium track, available in 2 or 3 metre lengths
  • Stainless steel cable hangers with track sliders
  • Sturdy hooks that securely grip the cable and support your picture frame.

Optional end caps, track joiners and covers are also available. Additional hooks and cables can be purchased individually so your artwork arrangement options are endless.

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