Memorabilia Framing

Any memorabilia worth framing comes with either personal or monetary value that you are trusting your framers to care, beautify and protect. As a result of this, memorabilia framing needs to be done right and that is why we provide a lifetime guarantee on all our work.

What items can be framed?

Almost anything can be framed, however custom sports memorabilia framing is one of the most popular items commonly requested for preservation. We have completed hundreds of sports memorabilia framing for NRL teams, A-League teams, Supercar teams, golf clubs and gyms.

Sports memorabilia framing

  • Football jerseys
  • Sports uniforms
  • Golf clubs, balls and scorecards
  • Boxing shorts and gloves
  • Racing suits and helmets
  • Cricket bats
  • Balls including footballs, cricket balls, base balls, net balls
  • Surfboards

Music memorabilia framing

  • Musical instruments such as guitars, drumsticks, wind instruments
  • Records and CDs
  • Trophies and plaques

Personal framing

  • Family heirlooms and artifacts
  • Toys, puppets and dolls
  • Pet hair
  • Service medals and war ribbons including ANZAC memorabilia
  • Baby memories

Clothing item framing

  • Clothes and hats
  • Ballet shoes and tutus
  • Jewelry & masks

Other miscellaneous items

  • Carvings and fossils
  • Books and journals
  • Coins and buttons
  • Model cars, bikes, planes and trains
  • Autographed items
  • 3D name blocks
  • Certificates and awards
  • Food - we have even framed odd items like a sausage roll and a toasted sandwich!

What is Memorabilia Reversibility?

If you value your signed jersey, medals or other memorabilia, then you will want to ensure your item is framed in such a way as to be easily reversed. Reversibility is an important element of the jersey and memorabilia framing process that ensures your item is framed using material and techniques that avoid damage. We believe that all valuable memorabilia should be framed so it appears to be permanent but is easily removed without leaving any marks or damage.

Visit your your nearest store to discuss your needs with one of our framing consultants..

How much does custom memorabilia framing cost?

We specialise in the framing of sports memorabilia, especially football shirt framing, and we can offer DIY memorabilia frames for sale starting from $299. We can also offer custom memorabilia framing and build custom frames depending on the size, complexity and choice of framing. For quotes, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or visit any of our Frame Today stores and our qualified Picture Framer Association (PFA) framing consultants will advise the best way to frame your memorabilia with an on the spot quote. We will guide you through your options such as adding plaques, signatures, backing textures and inserting photos so your framed memorabilia is unique, personalised and protected.

Is my valuable memorabilia safe?

All Frame Today store locations have on-site workshops where our qualified PFA framers use the latest European framing machines and computerised cutters. This ensures millimetre accuracy and a perfect finish. You can trust us to keep your memorabilia safe and secure

When framing your memorabilia, we do not use staples or superglue, and we make sure that your item stays in its original condition once framed. This ensures that if you remove your memorabilia from its frame at any time, it will stay in its original condition, as if it had never been framed.

When you collect your framed memorabilia, we can also recommend the best way to protect it through correct hanging, proper lighting techniques and safe guarding from humidity. If you are unsure about hanging your frame correctly, we can also recommend a local handyman to help you with your installation.

Our lifetime satisfaction guarantee

When you get your new frame home, we want to hear how much you love it… so send us a photo! We value all feedback and want to hear what you think.

All our framing is backed by our lifetime guarantee - we stand by our products, service, quality and craftsmanship.

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