Hanging Picture Frames

You’ve finally got your framed picture home; the next step is to find a suitable place to hang it.

Frame Today have a range of specialty picture hanging hooks and picture hanging systems available for various size frames and weights in our framing stores.

If you need your picture hung for you we can assist with a professional picture hanging service that can collect from us, deliver to you and install.

Here are a few pointers on how to hang your framed picture securely and ensure it for years to come:

Picture Alignment

Hang your picture so that the centre of it aligns with the average person’s eye level in the room it’ll be hung in. Eye level will vary according to the room - in the lounge the picture can be hung lower, as people are more likely to view it sitting on a sofa. In a hall-way, people will view it from a standing position. Typically a hanging height of 1.5 meters from the floor is a good starting point.

Hanging Hooks

Use proper picture hanging hooks as opposed to nails and screws. Hooks are specially designed for the hanging of artwork and very secure. Because picture hanging hooks are designed to go in your wall at an angle, they can hold a surprising weight and with some hooks you don’t even need to find a stud in the wall. Of course, you need to select the correct type of hook for the weight of your picture and your wall material.

Multiple Hooks

Hang your framed print with 2 hooks to help distribute the weight evenly and minimise the movement on the wall. Having invested your time in hanging your new picture, you don’t want it to skew left or right with every bump… or worse still, fall from your wall.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Never hang your framed picture opposite or near a window where it will receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight onto any artwork will cause fading and the breakdown of the chemical bonds within the paper. If your artwork is of value to you, or if sunlight cannot be avoided, we recommend using UV glass which eliminates up to 99% of harsh ultra violet light.

Avoid Moisture

Moisture and humidity will also contribute to deterioration of your artwork so avoid hanging your frame in a damp room. Good airflow will ensure your framed art remains mould free.

Need More Advice & Inspiration

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