Why is Reversibility Important?

What are Reversible Frames?

Reversible framing is the process in which memorabilia is placed into a frame or display case in such a way that it is completely reversible, causing no damage to the object.

This ensures that the potentially priceless piece of memorabilia contained within can be removed for repurposing without risk of damage.

Reversible framing gives us the impression that the frame is permanent, but you still have all the freedom of being able to remove it and have it seem as though it was never in a frame. You really can have the best of both worlds!

What Makes a Frame Reversible?

Firstly, more permanent solutions such as staples, glues and tape are avoided when reversible framing. Staples are often damaging to the subject of the frame, given their permanent application and the difficulty they present to remove easily. Glues and tapes are avoided due to their adhesive nature, which over time can degrade, stain or discolour the very memorabilia you are looking to preserve. A far less invasive method of securing memorabilia such as clothing in a frame is using small stainless steel pins that won’t ruin the fabric.

Making use of custom templates for things like clothing can also ensure you are not stretching or pulling the fabric in a way that will cause it damage over many years. It’s important to remember that once the object is framed, the intent is that it will stay perfectly preserved in the position it is placed in for many years to come. As such, the extent to which an object is stretched must be extremely accurate to ensure that it is held firmly in place without stressing the surface.

An example is explained in more detail in the video below:

Preventing damaging goes beyond the framing process. We can also advise on how to best ensure the longevity of your framed memorabilia once it is on display. Without considering humidity control, your choice of display glass, correct hanging techniques and the level of sunlight your frame receives, you may leave yourself open to slow deterioration thanks to overexposure to light or moisture. Read our online guide here.

Why is Reversibility Important?

For historically significant memorabilia, reversibility is crucial to ensure they’re being preserved adequately. While high-quality frames are built to last, they may end up damaged, worn or in need of refurbishment after many years on display.

In this case, reversibility is critically important to preserving the subject. Removing the subject and placing it in a fresh new frame or display case is often only possible through the use of reversible framing.

When is it Most Important to Consider Reversibility?

Reversibility is key when framing fragile or easily damaged goods. A perfect example is paper documents that are unreplaceable. They may have historical significance, or they may be a one-of-a-kind picture that is unable to be replicated. These pieces require special consideration in this regard.

Another instance in which reversible framing is crucial is when the subject of the framing holds a significant monetary value. If the item were to be damaged at all during the framing process, that actively hurts the overall figure that you may be able to attract from buyers in future. If you’re looking to protect your investment in a hardy and well-made frame that won’t diminish its value – reversible memorabilia framing is an absolute must.

At Frame Today, we are proud to say that all our memorabilia framing is completely reversible. We know just how important it is to ensure damage is limited when we are entrusted with your most prized possessions. Contact us today or visit one of our stores for more information!

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