Why We Don’t Deliver Picture Framing

Picture Frame Delivery

We’re commonly asked the question- ‘do you deliver picture framing?’ While we’d love to complete your customer service journey by offering this service, we unfortunately can’t.

There are several reasons for our decision, including safety, resourcing and the risk of damage when coordinating picture frame delivery through a third-party courier.

We’ve explored each point more thoroughly below and highlighted how to transport artwork most efficiently, giving you peace of mind and confidence when it comes to your next move.

Picture Frame Delivery via the Store

There are a number of challenges that arise when we look at picture frame delivery from a store.

Our biggest obstacle is storage space in our retail stores. We love sourcing a huge variety of frames to give our customers a good selection, and unfortunately many of our retail stores would be unable to offer this variety if we were required to store packing supplies and dedicate areas of the store to packing and sending.

There are also several constraints when it comes to staffing requirements. Our current staffing structure isn’t intended for packing and delivery. Our teams would require staff members exclusively dedicated to packing picture frames by hand and delivering them to customers in the local area.

Picture Frame Delivery via Courier

There is an increased risk of damage when sending our picture frames through unprepped local, interstate or international couriers. The last thing we want is for your new picture frame to arrive at your home with shattered glass, chipped frames or punctured canvas! In this case, we’d much prefer to avoid the risk and the chance of lengthy delivery delays.

To avoid these kinds of third-party issues, insurance could be included in the delivery cost. This would, of course, make the transaction more expensive for our customers, and still wouldn’t guarantee avoiding disappointment altogether. Accidents can still happen; you’d simply be covered if they did.

Furthermore, our customers would be faced with the hassle of repacking and returning damaged picture frames, which is a responsibility you simply don’t need!

Please note: this advice is limited to custom picture framing. Ready made photo and picture frames from our Everyday range tend to be smaller and can be safely transported via post.

How to Properly Pack and Move Picture Frames

After much deliberation, our team decided that the most favourable outcome was through customer pick up and drop off. Unsure how that works? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you!

Customer collection means you’re in complete control of your purchase. We’ve discovered this gives us and our customers far greater peace of mind.

Packing frames is simple when you know how and you have the right materials.

Here are some of our top tips for packing and transporting frames, whether from the store to home or while moving house:

  • Use masking tape to mark glass with an ‘X’, this stops the glass from shattering.
  • Use bubble wrap and paper to wrap the frames. Never use newspaper, as this can leave marks on your picture frame and artwork.
  • If you’re putting your frame in a box, test it for movement to ensure it isn’t shifting inside the box. If it is, scrunch up some newspaper to pad the sides.
  • When loading your car or a truck for transport, always position your frame(s) on their side, rather than flat, and try to place something on either side to prevent it from falling.

Need more detailed advice on how to pack and transport frames? Take a look at our article – 7 Tips for Packing Frames for Moving.

If you’re not confident in packing and transporting your picture frames, there are other options available to you. You can engage a specialised picture frame courier to pack and transport your purchases or alternatively you can source picture frame shipping boxes to lower the risk of damage.

Transport your picture frames with ease and avoid the stress of potential damage by couriers. Our team is unable to assist with delivery at this time, however we are here to guide you in every way possible to ensure your transportation is seamless!

For more information, check out our picture framing FAQs.

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