What To Know Before Buying Picture Frames Online

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting Frames Online?

Picture this. You're scrolling through Instagram and come across a well-curated home decor account. Between the carefully shot images, well-placed lighting and detailed styling, a sudden burst of creativity for your space sparks within you!

Picture frames. That's what you're missing! Within seconds, you jump over to your browser and do a quick search of “picture frames online".

Within seconds you’ve found somewhere that sells what you’re looking for and a week later, you've got a brand-new set of picture frames at your front door ready to hang up.

Whether you’re looking for a ready-made picture frame to preserve some family photos or a poster, or you wish to display your Diamond Dotz, picture framing is an easy way to decorate.

Thanks to a rise in dedicated décor “inspo” accounts and lifestyle influencers more than willing to show off their homes, more of us have become inspired to spruce up the house a bit.

This, along with more time spent at home and a rise in homewares ecommerce, has made buying picture frames online easier than ever!

But even despite recent trends, it can still be hard to confidently find the right piece you’ve envisioned for your space. If you need some help when it comes time to buy picture or poster frames online, this article is for you.

Here are the TWO key things to take into consideration before pressing that check-out button!

1. Picture framing size

How big is the artwork you want to frame?

It almost goes without saying, but you want the frame you’re buying to comfortably fit the intended artwork you’ve got in mind.

Many pictures, photos and prints will be standard-sized (usually to A3, A4, A6 etc.) which makes it easy to buy without seeing or holding the frame.

But for movie posters and other sizable prints you may need to give it a bit more thought before buying large picture frames online. It’s important to measure the piece to the millimetre beforehand to ensure it will fit the frame you’re about to purchase.

If the artwork is yet to be printed or selected, it’s important to consider the available space where you’d like to display the image. Choose a frame that best fits the wall, and the final artwork should be sized to suit.

Better yet, what about a custom picture frame for unique pieces? A custom framing service gives you the option to personalise with access to thousands of combinations between frame moulding, matboards and glazing. When choosing framing at Frame Today, our custom work is completed in-store using cutting edge technology to achieve the right fit for your piece.

2. Picture frame material

What is your frame made from?

The type of frame moulding (the main outer part of the frame you can see) can seem like more of a personal choice. The truth is that this is still a key factor in the selection of your next frame, and certainly one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When choosing from a selection of poster or picture frames online, you will be presented with a few options for frame materials (also called mouldings).

While wood is the most common material used, picture frame mouldings can also be made from other alternatives such as aluminium, ceramic, plastic or crystal. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, however, frames made from timber will offer the best protection especially if strength is a key deciding factor.

Ultimately, the final choice should be up to your personal preference and the requirements of the artwork being framed.

Need some more help?

If you’re still having trouble finding a frame that perfectly matches your artwork, why not speak to a professional. Bring your artwork into your nearest Frame Today store and speak to one of our qualified picture framing consultants.

Our team can help you find the right size and style from our ready-made picture framing collection (also available online!). These frames come in a range of high-quality and cost-effective standard sizes to fit most pictures and photos. All our frames also come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning we will repair or replace the faulty or damaged components at no additional cost.

Ready-made framing from a professional framer like Frame Today ensures you are also receiving the benefit of over 100 years of combined product and service know-how! Plus, our framers are Picture Framers Association qualified, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best industry expertise.

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