What Are A-Size Picture Frames?

Understanding A-Size Frames From A0 Frames to A4 Frames

In the world of picture framing, understanding standard frame sizes can help you select the perfect frame size for your artwork, photographs, certificates or documents. The A-series is one of the most popular sizing systems globally.

This article delves into A-size frames, from A0 to A4, and provide insights into their best uses and applications.

What Are A-Size Frames?

The A-series sizes are defined by the ISO 216 standard, used internationally to specify paper sizes. Each size in the series is derived by halving the preceding size along the shorter dimension and range from the largest A0 size to the smallest A7 size.

In this article, we will only discuss the most common sizes used for ready-made picture frames.

A0 frame A1 frame A2 frame A3 frame A4 frame

Here's a quick overview of the dimensions for each A-size frame from A0 down to A4:

A Size



A0 frame

841 mm x 1189 mm

33.1 in x 46.8 in

A1 frame

594 mm x 841 mm

23.4 in x 33.1 in

A2 frame

420 mm x 594 mm

16.5 in x 23.4 in

A3 frame

297 mm x 420 mm

11.7 in x 16.5 in

A4 frame

210 mm x 297 mm

8.3 in x 11.7 in

Detailed Look at Each Frame Size

A0 Picture Frame

The A0 frame is the largest in the A-series and is typically used for posters, architectural drawings and large-scale artwork. Because of its size, A0 frames can make a dramatic statement and are ideal for spaces where you want to display something eye-catching.

A1 Picture Frame

A1 frames are slightly smaller than A0 but still substantial enough to make an impact. They are often used for posters, large photos and commercial advertising. This size is perfect for creating a focal point in a room without overwhelming the space.

A2 Picture Frame

A2 frames strike a balance between size and versatility. They are commonly used for medium-sized artwork, photos and certificates. This size is large enough to stand out but still manageable for home and office displays.

A3 Picture Frame

A3 frames are popular for larger certificates, photos and smaller posters. They offer a good compromise between display size and ease of placement, making them suitable for various settings, including homes, offices and galleries.

A4 Picture Frame

A4 frames are perhaps the most common and versatile. Often used for documents, diplomas, certificates, awards and standard prints, A4 frames are ideal for both personal and professional use and even make ideal graduation gifts. Their manageable size makes them easy to display on desks, shelves and walls.

Practical Applications of Each Frame Size

Uses for A0 Frames

A0 frames are perfect for large-scale visual displays. They can be used for:

  • Posters: Ideal for your movie posters, music posters or large advertisements.
  • Artwork: Great for your oversized paintings or prints.
  • Blueprints and Plans: Common in architectural and engineering fields so your businesses can frame and hang their plans.

Uses for A1 Frames

A1 frames are excellent for making a visual impact without needing as much space as A0 frames. They are suited for:

  • Posters: Suitable for your promotional materials and event posters.
  • Large Photos: Perfect for your family portraits or other A1 photographic prints.
  • Commercial Displays: Used in offices and stores to display your branding posters and boards.

Uses for A2 Frames

A2 frames offer a good middle ground in terms of size and versatility. They can be used for:

  • Medium Sized Artwork: Excellent for your medium-sized paintings or prints.
  • Certificates and Awards: Ideal for displaying your achievements.
  • Photography: Great for your larger A2 photos or collages when a multi-opening matboard is added.

Uses for A3 Frames

A3 frames are versatile and commonly used in various settings. They are great for:

  • Certificates: Suitable for your hard earnt diplomas and professional awards. When a matboard is added, you can make your A4 certificates look even more special.
  • Photos: Perfect for family A3 photos and smaller prints.
  • Posters: Good for smaller posters or informational displays.
  • Needlework: Often a great choice for your needlework, tapestry or Diamond Dotz.

Uses for A4 Frames

A4 frames are the most widely used size, known for their versatility. They are used for:

  • Certificates: Ideal for diplomas, graduation certificates, achievement certificates, awards and other important documents.
  • Photos: Perfect for standard A4 photo sizes.
  • Prints: Great for smaller art prints or decorative pieces.
  • Standbacks: A great option when you wish to add a stand-back so you can display your frame on a table, mantel piece, desk or cabinet.

A4 size art in standback picture frame

Choosing the right frame size is essential for showcasing your artwork, photos, certificates or documents effectively. The A-series frames, including A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0, offer a range of options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to make a dramatic statement with an A0 frame or need the versatility of an A4 frame, understanding these sizes will help you make the best choice for your display needs.

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