The Secrets to Quality Picture Frames

We all want to protect our artwork and display our mementos in the best way possible, hence why you are reading this article. But while it might sound just as easy to buy a picture frame from any homeware retailer, the secret to preserving your artwork lies in knowing what goes into a great quality frame.

If you are wondering whether to frame a picture yourself or leave the job to the professionals, we’ve taken our years of framing expertise and put them into the following article below. Keep reading to find out what those stores won’t tell you about the construction of a high-quality picture frame.

The Frame

As the name suggests, this is the most familiar part of the framing process for most people. The actual frame itself is a protective and decorative edging made of wood that comes in a variety of widths; depths and designs. Whether you’re considering large to small frames, in minimal to extravagant designs, it is important to get the style and sizing right before going ahead.

The Glass

The glazing is the first line of defence for your artwork against the external environment. Without this protective barrier, your picture is at risk of damage from dust or physical damage, as well as humidity and condensation. Picture frame glazing is usually made using either glass or acrylic both of which come in several options depending on the level of protection required and your budget. Starting at Clear Float Glass, this is a standard choice that goes up to Non-Glare and Museum Glass (high UV protection). Acrylic Perspex comes in clear and non-glare and is perfect in larger frames where hanging weight may be an issue.

The Matboard

An additional feature in a custom frame is an optional surround or matboard, placed between the glass and artwork. Aside from providing a border and colour accent that enhances the image, it creates a space between the art and glass. Depending on your artwork size, individual mats can be layered to create double or triple mats. Our standard matboard range offers a large range of colours and finishes, with a bright white core for a clean-cut bevel. We also stock varying conservation quality matboards including acid-free RagMats and Museum quality mats for the ultimate level of conservation framing.

Our range of 100% cotton, museum-quality mats are naturally acid-free and adhere to the Fine Art Trade Guild and Professional Picture Framers Association specifications.

The Backing

The backing board sits at the back of the frame and is unseen, providing a rigid, sturdy backing to keep your artwork from moving or warping. The two main options we offer for backing board are basic and adhesive foam core, the latter of which is not advised for irreplaceable artwork. Frame Today only uses acid-free foam core that prevents discolouration, or browning, of your piece. Even our cost-effective Everyday range use acid-free backing board.

Sealing Out Dust

An often-overlooked finishing touch is sealing the back of the frame to keep out dust, insects and other small particles. There are various ways to seal the back of a frame, some of which look more aesthetically appealing than others, but they all achieve the same results if done correctly. We usually use framer tape to seal the backing and frame which has an additional benefit of holding the framers points in place.

Are you looking for somewhere to print your photo and buy an affordable picture frame without losing out on value? Frame Today offers an easy print & frame service that delivers the same quality our custom framing customers have come to expect. We can take the images stored on your phone or camera and turn them into quality framed prints in a range of sizes.

Let us help

If you are looking for help professionally framing your artwork or a poster, we can help you find the right frame guaranteed to last. For a quick turnaround, also ask about our renowned Same Day picture framing service available onsite in each one of our eleven stores in New South Wales. You can find your nearest location here.

As always, we also extend our lifetime guarantee on all framing work to assure that you are receiving the highest level of workmanship and materials. Our expert team can also recommend the best way to correctly hang your artwork, protect from humidity and generally ensure you get the most out of your display.

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