Photographic Prints and Posters

Print & frame

From phone to home - your photo printed and framed.
Have you captured the perfect image on your camera or phone and need a quality print or poster printed and framed? Turn your image into a piece of art, framed and ready to enjoy for a lifetime.

We print on a professional specification, high resolution Epson printer designed for high-production photographic, fine art and indoor display graphics printing. You can choose from paper and canvas options and have your photo printed in a range of sizes. Our Framing Consultants will discuss your printing and framing options to make your choice easy.

When you visit any of our stores you can have a custom frame crafted or select a photo frame from any of our Print & Frame packages which deliver great value without compromising quality... you are still covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Image size  Photo Frame size  Printed & Framed 
20 x 30 cm 36 x 46 cm $99 
30 x 45 cm 46 x 61 cm $149 
40 x 60 cm 56 x 76 cm $199 
50 x 75 cm 66 x 91 cm $249 
66 x 100 cm 82 x 116 cm $299 

Photo Wall or Collage Photo Frame

If you have a number of family or holiday photos you may wish to combine them into a single collage photo frame or select several complimentary photo frames which can be arranged as a photo wall. Both options allow you to create a feature that will transform your space and there are some simple ways you can arrange your frames.

Posters & prints

You may already have a poster or print and just need it framed and we can help with that too. If your poster, print or photo is in a standard size (or close and we can trim it) you can choose from one of our Everyday Essentials frames which still deliver the quality you’d expect from a custom frame and is backed by our lifetime guarantee. We can also craft a custom frame and our Framing Consultant will guide your choice of frame, matboard, glass and backing.

Visit or contact your nearest store so we can turn your photo, print or poster into a work of art, ready to be hung and enjoyed for a lifetime. 

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