Picture Framing Inspiration for Living Rooms

Living Room Picture Framing Ideas

From large landscape pieces to family and personal portraits, visual art represents our influences or the signals we want to send for each room. With many of us spending more time at home, there’s never been a better time to look at how we style our living spaces. But getting started, or even knowing how to tastefully incorporate picture framing can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for some decor inspiration for the living room, family room or rumpus area, keep in mind that the options for framing are almost endless – and at the least, not solely restricted to pictures. As often the centrepiece of the house, the initial focus should be placed on this room before extending out to other parts of the house.

1. The Bold Approach

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A bold piece of picture framing can be the key to bridging the gap created by a standout furniture piece in an otherwise bare space. This photo is bordered by a thick black frame and white matboard combo that makes a massive statement against the wall, while tying individual elements of the room together.

2. The Themed Print

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If possible, artwork that is inspired by physical items or the theme of a room is always a good choice. This framed drawing features a detailed floral arrangement that seamlessly works with the greenery and adds some light to a slightly textured wall.

3. The Landscape Photo

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Statement landscape photo extends the impression of the room and pulls the attention of the viewer right to the centre. To best achieve this, the artwork should be set within a room with a neutral colour palette and hung at eye level. This landscape photo was framed in a matching white frame and matboard, letting the photo do all the talking for the room.

4. The Standout Matboard

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This matboard-heavy frame draws all focus to the artwork, while giving the impression of a floating piece. To ensure the art is protected this vintage 1984 Autocar magazine has been thoroughly framed to conservation framing standards – using acid-free matboards, UV glazing (picture frame glass) and a non-reflective finish.

5. The Portrait Painting

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Continuing the idea of centring statement artwork in the living room, a large artistic portrait gives character to an otherwise featureless wall. A white and gold double-mat was added to this stunning black and white print with red lip colour. The finished framed art is tied together with a black frame and gold patterned embossing.

6. The Detailed Frame

This painting has been framed within an off- white matboard with black embossing. To finish, a gold frame moulding with a subtle leaf detail carefully borders the artwork. The complete artwork is set against a neutral green wall with its own square shapes. The centring of the artwork both blends in and stands out against the geometry of the wall. Again, the choice of the frame colour in this space looks like a direct bridge between the artwork and statement couch.

7. The Feature Poster

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Movie posters shouldn’t be limited to teenage bedrooms, and film buffs will appreciate this exclusive “Avengers" memorabilia framing, complete with authentication wax. To incorporate key elements of the screening event, including the ticket stub, the frame features a custom matboard, cut in-house with millimetre precision on a computerised mat cutter.

8. The Monotone Approach

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A monotone colour scheme best complements a modern room with a minimalist feel. Here, these Moda Italian Classic ready-made picture frames have been grouped to create a monotone look that blends in with the overall aesthetic of the room.

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Using the grid arrangement style allows picture and photo frames to be displayed individually in a gallery-like layout. Nature drawings from renowned artists set the mood of the room and provide a sense of calm in an otherwise high-traffic area.

10. The Oil Painting

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Oil paintings come with a sense of traditionalist styling, usually found in old country manors and log cabins. For the average city dweller, this may be the closest they may come to recreating that same charm at home. This Colin Parker original - “The Smokey Kitchen – Sorala” (1976) has been transformed with a rustic black and brown frame to bring out the old wood Stove and complement the details of the fireplace.

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