A Tale of Japanese Keepsakes and Conservation Framing

In the world of framing, every project tells a unique story. Recently, our team had the pleasure of working on a project that involved turning cherished keepsakes from a holiday in Japan into a stunning wall display. The customer had returned with a beautiful decorative Japanese hand fan and an art print of the iconic "Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Katsushika Hokusai.

In this article I want to take you through the creative process of framing these meaningful items and the challenges we faced in preserving their delicate aesthetics while adhering to our conservation framing methods.

Choosing the Right Frame

The foundation of any successful framing project lies in selecting the right frame. Understanding the customer's vision and the aesthetics of their home, we opted for a modern matte black frame. This choice not only complemented the customer's interior but also provided a timeless backdrop for the Japanese hand fan and art print.

black picture frame cornerAccentuating Colors with Double Matboards

To enhance the visual impact of both the hand fan and the art print, we decided to incorporate a double matboard colour combination. Carefully selecting hues that complemented the vibrant colors of the items, this step added depth and dimension to the overall presentation. The result was a frame that not only housed the keepsakes but also elevated their visual appeal.

choosing double matboardsThe Challenge of Displaying the Hand Fan

One of the most intriguing aspects of this project was the challenge posed by the decorative Japanese hand fan. The customer desired a display that showcased the fan fully extended without revealing any anchor points, a task that required both creativity and precision.

The Ingenious Solution

Our team tackled this challenge by devising an ingenious solution that involved using only three lengths of beige twine. Carefully placed and threaded, these twines suspended the hand fan in a way that highlighted its delicate beauty. The result was a display that not only met the customer's specific request but also maintained the reversible nature of our conservation framing methods. This ensured that the integrity of the fan was preserved, allowing for future alterations or adjustments.

Preserving Memories Through Conservation Framing

At the heart of our framing philosophy is the commitment to conservation methods. In this project, it was crucial to balance the creative aspirations of the customer with the need to preserve the integrity of the items. The careful selection of materials, such as acid-free matboards and reversible mounting techniques, ensured that the Japanese hand fan and "The Great Wave" art print were not only beautifully showcased but also protected for years to come.

framed japanese keepsakes

Framing is an art that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is about encapsulating memories and stories. This project exemplifies our dedication to understanding the unique needs of our customers and finding innovative solutions to bring their visions to life. From choosing the right frame and matboard combination to overcoming challenges in displaying delicate items, every step in this framing journey was a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and conservation.

If you have cherished keepsakes from a recent holiday or business trip, visit me or my Picture Framers Association experts at Frame Today Maitland or find your nearest store.

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