How to Frame Pressed Flowers or Leaves

Flower pressing lets you preserve the unique beauty of any flower in art form with just a few simple steps. Originating in Japan, flower pressing has been a favourite craft pastime for centuries.

At Frame Today, we offer premium frames for flower pressing designs and artworks. Through our decades of experience, we can help you find the right frame for your project and help ensure your flowers are safe for generations.

Why frame pressed flowers

Traditionally, flower pressing has let people craft an artwork with just the natural materials they can find in their own backyard. It’s a convenient way to make unique designs, whilst learning about the anatomy of flowers. For many, it’s also just an enjoyable and relaxing craft process that offers a beautiful end product.

This craft can preserve a memory as well. We mark so many moments with flowers: anniversaries, birthdays or formal events, and flower pressing and framing lets these occasions live on. By pressing, dehydrating and framing these important mementos, some of our most cherished gifts and memories can be preserved and admired.

What is flower pressing

Flower pressing involves flattening flowers and leaves to remove their moisture but keep their colours. By weighing down the flowers flat, you let any moisture be quickly shed so they don’t end up browning or rotting and can keep their bold appearance. Once pressed, it’s important to avoid exposing it to any moisture in the air by sealing the flowers in a frame.

To preserve flowers, it’s critical that you remove all the moisture from the flower to dry them out. Without completing this step, you’ll likely find that your pressed flowers begin to brown and die during the framing process. Before framing your flowers, we apply a spray to seal out the moisture which helps preserve your floral masterpiece.

How to press flowers for framing

There are so many methods you can use to successfully press your flowers. From beginner friendly steps like using heavy books to even opting for a flower pressing kit, you’re bound to find a way that works for you.

If you’re going to frame your flower presses, remember:

  1. Pick a flower species that can be flattened. As flowers come in such different shapes and textures, not all of them can be pressed and preserved. Blossom and daffodils tend to work best, whilst thick, waxy and highly textured don’t.
  2. Dehydrate, dehydrate, dehydrate! Be sure to find a pressing technique that’ll work to most effectively remove the moisture from the flower. High humidity and moist climates, for example, doesn’t lend itself to the more simplistic pressing process, like in between the pages of a book. For long lasting and beautiful framed pressed flowers, removing any and all moisture is crucial.

How to frame pressed flowers

Once you’ve successfully pressed your flower, you’ll want to begin arranging how you want your flower design to look. Use tweezers for this process to make sure you don’t moisten the flowers with your fingers.

We’d recommend using clear glue to keep it in place on a piece of card or similar backing before you transport it to your local Frame Today showroom. Professional framing of pressed flowers keeps it safe from any moisture and helps add to the beauty of your artwork.

Get in touch

Our high quality and custom frame range will have the right option for your flower pressing design. Once you’ve decided your frame type, colour and look, our expert framers will use their conservation techniques to successfully press and seal this art piece. Get in touch with our team today to find a framing solution to show off your flower pressing.

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