How Are Picture Frame Sizes Measured

How To Measure a Picture Frame Size

Frame Today Picture Framers are experts in creating custom frames for art, photographs, memorabilia, needlework and any item to be framed. To ensure that the frame fits the item perfectly, it's crucial for our picture framers to measure the frame accurately and consistently. One of the most precise ways to measure a frame is in millimetres (mm), using a metal ruler or framers tape measure.

Measure twice, cut once.

Why measure in millimetres

Millimetres are a more precise unit of measurement than centimetres (cm) or inches, so they are commonly used by picture framers, artists and photographers. A millimetre is a unit of length in the metric system which is equal to one tenth of a centimetre. We use millimetres because they allow for a high level of precision and accuracy when measuring frames, which is essential for ensuring a good fit between frame and its contents.

How to measure artwork

When measuring a frame in millimetres, we use a ruler or a measuring tape that has millimetre markings. We measure the artwork, photo or item based on the inside dimensions of the frame, which are the width and height of the opening where the artwork or photograph will be displayed. The inside frame dimension is also the outside glass, matboard and backing board dimension.

measuring artwork in mm

Once we have measured the item to determine the inside frame dimensions, we can use these measurements to create custom matting or mount board that will fit inside the frame and properly display the artwork or photograph. We also use the measurements to determine the size of the glass or acrylic cover that will protect the artwork from dust, moisture and other elements.

It's important to note that millimetre measurements can vary slightly from one framer measuring during the customer consultation to another cutting and joining the actual frame, so it's always best to double-check the measurements before cutting a custom frame. As we say, measure twice, cut once.

Measuring in centimetres or inches

Some picture framers may use a different system of measurement, such as centimetres or inches, but these are less accurate units of measure for precision cutting and joining that is essential for a perfect fit.

To conclude, measuring picture frames in millimetres is a precise and accurate way for picture framers to ensure that the frame fits the artwork, photograph or item snugly. By using millimetres, we create custom frames that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and ensures that their artwork is displayed in the best possible way.

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