Finding the artwork that is right for your home and style

Artwork is a powerful way to add intrigue and impact to the walls of your home. With professional framing, hanging art throughout your home can completely transform a space by adding depth, definition and detail. But for many amateur art collectors, finding the perfect piece can be a challenge.

If you’re looking to personalise and decorate your home with art, it’s important to find the right piece. Frame Today’s services can help make your space sing. Through our years of experience, we’re experts in finding the right artwork for you and your home.

How to find the right artwork for your home?

With so many art styles out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Not only does the right artwork have to align with your style and preferences, it also has to complement your home and its design. Here are a few things to consider when choosing art.


The room and place in your home can help decide what artwork would work best and be most effective.

For the bedroom:

The right artwork should help transform this space into a sanctuary, with softer colours, gentle styles and subject matter whilst still connecting with your room’s overall look. As such a personal space, the bedroom could be where you opt for more personal artworks that speak to your personality.

For the living room:

The living room is the central hub of the home, offering you a space to be more bold and playful with your artwork. Gallery walls can be most effective in the living room, letting you create contrast and depth with multiple pieces. These let you express the personality of your home. Read our Inspiration for Living Rooms article.

For the kitchen:

The kitchen can be a fun location to find artwork that will inspire and calm you as you make your morning coffee, so landscapes, family portraits or colourful prints are perfect. An exposed canvas could be ruined by steam or grease in this space, so professional framing helps keep it safe and protected.

For the bathroom:

Bathroom artworks can be a great way to add flair and personality to this simple space. Tranquil and peaceful artwork tends to be most effective and the perfect sight when brushing your teeth or soaking in the tub.


The colours of your artwork can have a huge effect on the final look. Colour can let your artwork create contrast, harmony and emotion in your home so it’s important to opt for an artwork with the right palette.

Lighter and more neutral colours will likely have a calming effect whereas darker colours will create more drama and depth. The colour balance of your artwork should consider the tones already in the space and throughout your home so they can work in harmony.

colourful framed wall art


When it comes to choosing art, it’s important to think about proportions and how dimensions will affect the overall look. An artwork that’s too large can overpower a space and one too small can look awkward and unbalanced. By having a rough measurement of the wall you’re trying to fill, you can make sure you find artwork that’s the right size and scale.

Don’t forget to think about how a frame could transform the size of your artwork as well. Learn more about How to Choose the Right Picture Frame Size.

Finding the Frame

Once you’ve found your perfect artwork for your home, the next step is finding the frame. Vincent Van Gogh once said...

"A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body."

Our team of expert framers can pair your chosen artwork and style preference with the ideal frame.

Professional framing is an effective and efficient way to elevate your artwork and truly do it justice in your home. With a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, you can ensure your framed artwork perfectly complements your space.

Same Day Framing

No home is complete without artwork, and professional framing only takes it to the next level. Once you’ve found your artwork, your local Frame Today can work with you to decide the right frame so the piece is ready to be hung in no time. Contact our friendly team today.

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