Display Cases

At Frame Today we are experts in Display Cases for framing memorabilia and precious objects. We can frame your favourite team jersey or the ball that scored the winning goal, your daughter’s first ballet slippers and tutu, or your great grandfather’s war medals. In fact, we can produce a display case and preserve almost anything so you can display and celebrate your most precious memories.

We can create Display Cases for almost anything

  • Any sporting memorabilia; balls, bats, boots, helmets, skates.
  • Music memorabilia; drum sticks, guitar picks, instruments, CD’s, LP’s.
  • Family heirlooms; christening and wedding gowns, service medals/ribbons, baby mementos.
  • Collectables; buttons, cards, coins, stamps, spoons.
  • Objects; carvings, jewellery, masks, rock artefacts, tools.

Jersey Display Cases

Each of our framing stores has an experienced framer who specialises in display cases for framing jerseys and can customise the look and layout to suit everyone’s tastes. With a large range of frames and mats available we can design and personalise your jersey, adding plaques and additional window openings for photos and signatures. Our computerised mat cutter enables us to tastefully design and cut openings for photos, medals, plaques and ribbons. Prices start from $249.

What separates our jersey display case framing from some other framers is that we do not use staples or glue and we make sure we keep your jersey un-damaged and in its original condition. This ensures that if you ever want to remove it from the frame, your memorabilia will still be in good condition.

Medal Display Cases

Another popular service is the display case framing and presentation of military and service medals. Instead of having them tucked away gathering dust, we can frame them in a display case so you have them on display for everyone to enjoy and celebrate.  

Just as we do when framing jerseys, we do not use glue or staples. We can even frame medals so you can take them out of the frame to wear for Anzac or other commemorations; you just need to let us know.

Display Case Options

When you want to display signed balls, boxing gloves, model cars or other objects, we have clear acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglass) cases available. Your object sits inside a see-through acrylic case, giving you a clear view of your object inside.

Display cases are a perfect display alternative so when you want to access your object, you can. Clear acrylic cases are lightweight and shatterproof, ideal for your precious mementoes. Whatever your requirement, we can get a display case custom made for you.

Rugby, Football, cricket and baseball cases are available in store.

Contact us to discuss the various options available for your memorabilia or object framing.

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