Canvas Stretching

What is canvas stretching?

Our canvas stretching services lets you create a masterpiece from your favourite memories. A popular alternative to picture framing, canvas stretching your photography and images over a canvas stretcher frame makes them look just like an original piece of art.

At Frame Today, our canvas stretching services are a perfect way to commemorate your favourite photos in unique and stylish ways. Once you choose your perfect canvas size, texture and frame, our skilled framers can craft and stretch your canvas artwork using our specialised equipment and efficient techniques.

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Why use canvas stretching?

The Modern Artpiece

The practice of canvas stretching dates back to the 16th century as a way for artists to display their work. By pulling and securing woven cotton over a wooden frame, the canvas can be easily displayed or hung on a wall.

Our canvas stretching services provide you with an easy way to display your memories so they resemble a classic art piece. Unlike traditional framing, canvas stretching gives your print texture and lets it stand out with its 3D quality. Whether you’re after a beautifully crafted canvas or a canvas print, Frame Today can help not only achieve but elevate your vision.

Quality Craftsman

As canvas stretching is such a historical practice, it requires skills and speciality to ensure your final product is of a high standard. Our skilled framers can help to decide which size canvas to use and how to enhance the canvas to reach your visual goals. When a canvas is stretched by our professionals, we ensure your canvas won’t lose its shape or degrade over time. Frame Today is committed to making sure your canvas projects maintain beauty and quality for years to come.

Proper stretching is essential in ensuring long-lasting artwork. If the canvas is not correctly stretched, this can present problems such as tearing if over-stretched or wrinkling if under-stretched. This can often happen when inexpensive canvas art is bought overseas or on holiday and artists are forced to use scrap fabric. A good quality canvas print should be properly tensioned across the timber stretcher bars, with no warping or sagging present.

Variety of Uses

Through our printing services, we can help you execute your artistic vision with canvases. With prints extending border to border on a canvas, it’s popular to create a gallery wall from a collection of images on canvas. You could print different images onto numerous canvases of varying sizes, to be clustered together to create your own photo wall. Alternatively, you could also use our canvas stretching and printing services to split images, where one image goes over multiple canvases.

As industry experts, Frame Today’s canvas stretching service can support you in crafting a memorable and beautiful addition to your home or workplace.

Frame Your Canvas

Once we have completed the canvas stretching, the canvas can be framed using our high-quality and cost-effective frame services. Using a traditional frame for your canvas can accentuate the overall appearance, and make it look more refined.

What to consider for canvas stretching

When organising a canvas masterpiece for your photography or art, there’s a few areas to consider to accentuate your final work.

Dimensions of the canvas: Important when deciding if you need a standard-sized or custom-made frame.

Depth of canvas (thickness of the stretch bars): If the canvas is deeper than the frame, part of it will be visible when looking side-on unless a deep box frame is used.

Weight of the canvas (grams per square metre): You need to consider weight when deciding on picture hanging requirements.

Our team can guide you throughout this process to ensure a final product you will love.

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