Why You Should Frame Your Jerseys

Sports Memorabilia – Make It a Feature

We all have nostalgic items we highly value and tell ourselves “I need to do something with that one day”. The problem is, we never seem to quite get around to it. Over time, they sit in a drawer collecting dust or in the corner of a room to serve as a reminder it happened. Inevitably though, these important pieces of memorabilia end up forgotten

Sporting memorabilia is a fantastic example of important pieces being forgotten. It is a shame because these items deserve to be heroed – turning them into features helps preserve cherished memories, maintains the value and condition of the item and ensures it never gets forgotten again. Just a few examples of sports memorabilia can include playing jerseys, professional kits, signed shirts and even winning medallions.

What is worth framing?

You might be wondering to yourself - what makes a piece ‘worthy’ of being framed? The truth is, irrespective of design, size or “value” any memento can be transformed into a feature worthy piece you can be proud to have on display.

Custom memorabilia framing is a great way to preserve your mementos. Not only does it maintain their condition but presenting them with a quality finish can make them appear as special to others as they are to you. When we forget about important items they tend to be left in boxes, crumbled up in cupboards or worse, stashed somewhere you cannot remember. At the end of the day, these items are not being appreciated and leaving them to collect dust and mildew guarantees they never will be. Quality custom framing means you can preserve these pieces for years to come.

For example, jersey or football shirt framing protects the clothing item and prevents the fabric from being damaged or stained as it would if left in a cupboard for an extended period of time.

Junior rugby jersey framed black

Important pieces that are worth remembering can include (but are not limited to):

  • Personal achievements: think about the jumper you wore when your team won the grand final
  • Favourite team merch: from championship-winning jerseys to an item bought at a live event
  • Mementos of your favourite player: for example, a signed picture or item of clothing
  • Your children’s achievements: never forget their first sporting jersey

But really, it can be anything you love. It could represent an achievement of yours, your community or someone in your family. The value does not have to come from what the monetary cost of the piece is, but rather what it means to you and the people around you.

Benefits of professional framing

If by now you are considering how to frame a jersey, it is worth noting that investing in getting a quality job done is the best thing you can do. Having an item of value professionally framed means you will not be disappointed with the end result or risk damaging it in a DIY mishap.

At the end of the day, if an item is important enough to have framed, you want it to be presented professionally with a high-quality finish. Another benefit of using a professionally certified framer is they have the skill to combine multiple items into a single feature piece, creating a custom design unique to your memorabilia. You will also want to ensure your item is framed in such a way as to be easily reversed. Reversibility is an important element of the jersey and memorabilia framing process that ensures your item is framed using material and techniques that avoid damage.

Alternatively, if you have an important sports item that cannot be framed such as a trophy, pair of boots, winning ball or even a winning wicket you should consider getting a display case. Display cases can be adapted to suit your item’s needs and have greater flexibility for design styles.

Let us help

We understand that knowing how to frame a football jersey is not always as straightforward as it seems. If you have a special item in mind you want to preserve, Frame Today can assist you with all your memorabilia solutions. Our custom framing services come with a lifetime warranty to make sure items look as special in years to come as they did the day you got them framed.

But don’t just restrict your framing ideas to sports memorabilia – we can service anything from fossils, to instruments, picture framing and more. If you have an idea, use our list of store locations to find out where to get a jersey framed.

You can also get in touch with our industry-certified team to answer any queries including the cost of jersey framing, by using the form below today!

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