Why you Should Frame Autographs and Autographed Items

For many of us, autographed items are some of our most prized possessions. Whether from the pen of athletes, musicians or other public figures, autographs offer you a little piece from your favourite figure that’s been written for you and you only. With the right framing process, you can cherish your signed legacy for as long as you cherish the famous person themselves.

Frame Today are experts when it comes to managing and framing the unique features of autographed memorabilia. In some cases, autographs are signed on non-traditional materials like a napkin or merchandise. And whilst they’re still rich in story and memory, items like these don’t lend themselves to longevity. If you’re looking to collect autographs, investing in quality framing is the perfect solution to keep your memorabilia safe.

Why Frame Autographs?

  • Protect against the elements. Heat, light and moisture can all majorly impact the quality of your autograph. When not preserved right, the colours can fade, the penmanship can bleed and the whole item could be affected by mould. Through professional autograph framing, you set your prized signiture up to last longer and keep its integrity intact.
  • Exhibit proudly and safely. When framed, you can finally hang your autographed memorabilia proudly in your home or office. With our framing options, you can find a style that’ll work best for you so you can easily and safely install it. A frame lets you enjoy the intrigue and even envy from your friends as you get to exhibit your beloved item.
  • Maintain its value. Autographs are valuables, with a price tag that may soar depending on who penned it. By safely and securely preserving your item with a frame, you can be sure to protect the integrity of the autograph so it keeps its value. In most cases, autographs are assets, and the extra care of a frame maximises your possible resale chances one day.

Autograph framing options

When it comes to autograph framing options, Frame Today has a wide range of styles, finishes and materials for you to choose from. Our expert team can work with your autograph and style preferences to find the perfect option.

With an autographed item, our reversible framing options can serve to protect your memorabilia whilst making sure it can be reversed. This specific style doesn’t threaten the integrity of your item in the process of keeping it secure.

With expert techniques, you can avoid any permanent damage in case that you want to remove it or resell it one day. This avoids using any permanent or damaging adhesives like glue or staples to keep it in the frame. Instead, Frame Today opts for light stainless-steel pins or other non-permanent techniques, to hold the autographed item in place. Learn more about this process here.

Once secured and positioned correctly, our UV filtered glazing options for frames can help protect the item from UV damage. This conversation layer helps to protect the autographed item so you can get the most out of your framing. With our multiple UV protection and glass-based frame options, our team will be able to find the right one for you, your item and lifestyle.

Signed Serena Williams photo

When all the elements have been professionally layered and secured in a frame, you can also keep the autograph safe against atmospheric conditions like humidity and heat. Since autographs commonly end up on non-traditional items that might not be designed to last naturally, protection against the elements is essential.

How much does framing autographs cost?

Framing costs will always depend on the unique features of the item, as well as the size, complexity and choice of framing style.

For detailed quotes, please contact us or visit any of our Frame Today stores and our qualified Picture Framer Association (PFA) framing consultants will provide you with an on-the-spot quote in store or estimate online.

With our industry leading knowledge, we will be able to find the perfect frame for your item with a personalised and protective approach.

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