Questions to Ask Your Picture Framer

Starting the picture framing process can often be a daunting one. With a range of frames, matting and glass available for both protection and personal taste, there is an overwhelming range of picture framing styles to choose from.

This is why we offer a professional consultation service with our friendly and expert framers to guide you through the framing process. Before beginning a consultation in one of our 14 Frame Today locations, there are a few questions you should ask and consider for the perfect framed piece.

How do you store and safeguard my artwork?

Framing your piece is pointless if it gets ruined in the process. Asking this question can offer an understanding of how your piece will be handled as part of the framing process. This includes discussing both how and where the piece will be shipped if the workshop is elsewhere.

Fortunately, Frame Today will always keep your piece on our premises to be worked on at our on-site workshops. Our latest European framing machines and computerised cutters also allow for millimetre-accurate cutting, keeping your piece safe from harm.

Do you guarantee your framing?

Framing can be a considerable investment so you want to know that your framed item will last. There are a lot of options in picture framing such as the quality of material used, the preservation capabilities such as UV protection and acid-free materials, the craftmanship that goes into your frame, and the finishing touches that seal your framed item and allow easy hanging when you get it home. Asking you framer if they provide a warrantee for their materials and workmanship is often an overlooked consideration when purchasing custom framing or ready-made photo frames.

Because we use state-of-the-art computerised framing equipment, expertly train our PFA qualified staff and select premium framing materials, we can provide a lifetime guarantee on all our custom framing and ready-made frames. Simply put, we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the final quality of the work completed, simply bring the product back instore and we will repair or replace the faulty or damaged components at no additional cost.

What size picture frame do I need?

As one of the most important questions, it is invaluable to get the advice of professional picture framers. From your piece’s colour palette to its size and hanging location, our professional framers are equipped with the skills to ensure that the frame, artwork and home interior expertly compliment each other.

At Frame Today, our framers are accredited by the Picture Framers Association (PFA). This allows them to expertly combine elements from our large range of picture frame finishes, colours and timber materials. It is recommended that you come in with an idea of where you would like your piece hung and the personal style you aim to curate.

How do you know the best frame size?

Picture frame sizing can be one of the most challenging aspects of the framing process. Using their wealth of knowledge, a professional framer can work with you to select a frame that works well with the size of both your piece and hanging space. Our experts will consider elements such as the piece’s dimensions, the space it will be positioned in and the type of frame layout you are looking for.

Which mat board should I choose?

Often overlooked, a mat board is the card material that creates a window around the framed piece. It not only directs the eye for more impactful framing, it also prevents the piece from touching glass. This ensures that your piece is long-lived and there is no undue damage as a result of resting against the glass surface, trapping moisture and damaging your item

The mat board you choose can have a significant impact on the final framed piece. From cotton, paper to even silk finishes, our professional framers can expertly direct you toward a mat board that meets your style and budget preferences. For our different types of acid-free mat boards, visit our mat board and backing board page.

How protective is your glass?

Also known as glazing, your frame’s glass is one of the most important elements of picture framing. The right glass can protect your image for years to come, shielding it from the harmful effects for UV rays and dust. From acrylic to non-reflective glass and conservation clear glass, our accredited specialists can take you through our glass range and their effects on your piece.

Different glass will of course demand a different price point, so discussing this with your framer will help you to protect your framed item while also staying within your budget.

What is your turnaround time?

Have an upcoming gallery event or looking to spice up your living space before guests come over? No matter the situation, it is essential to have an understanding of how long the framing process will take. This can give you time to prepare and organise drop off and pick up.

At Frame Today, we understand that waiting can be a burden. We have mastered the art of fast-framing to guarantee that your new piece sits lovingly in your space as quickly as possible, often within the same day. Our Same Day Framing allows you to select from over 100 frames in our Essentials range or Tailored Everyday collection.

For more custom or high-end pieces, turnaround time will naturally be a little longer. However, if you ask your framer this question early, you can set expectations around whether your framed item will be ready in time for that event or celebration.

Will my picture frame be ready to hang?

Some frames come with stand backs and others with a string or wire hanger. Smaller photo frames often have stand backs so they can be placed on shelves, mantle pieces and furniture around the home. Larger frames are best hung on your wall so you and your guests can enjoy them as a feature of your room and these frames will come with a string or wire hanger attached approximately one-quarter to one-third down from the top of the frame.

Because longevity of your framed item is one of our priorities, we recommend and use photo frame legs as opposed to easel type stand backs which can damage your item over time. For hung picture frames, we use framers wire which is securely fastened with D-rings and sturdy screws. There are double-up options for larger and heavier frames.

You will need to purchase wall fasters suitable for your wall. Our staff can advise if you know the wall material on which your frame is to be hung.

How should I transport my frame home?

When you collect your finished framed item, you will want to ensure you carefully transport it home to ensure it arrives undamaged, ready to hang. For smaller items, you can come prepared with a towel in your car. For larger frames you should bring a blanket.

Ideally, frames should be transported on their side but that's not often possible in a typical car. If this is the case, we recommend placing your frame on its back, face up, ensuring it is fully covered top, bottom and sides. Never place any other item on top of your frame. Doing so will inevitably damage the frame or crack the glass.

How can I keep my piece preserved?

The correct type of framing can preserve a cherished piece for a lifetime. However, sometimes it can take more than the frame to keep the work looking great. Asking this question can get you rich advice on frame maintenance and up-keep.

We offer a lifetime guarantee at Frame Today, combined with expert advice on how to hang the piece, use effective lighting and protect it from humidity. We can even direct you to a local service to install the frame for you if required.

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