Our Top Photo Printing & Framing Tips

Printed photos are a rare luxury in our digital world. Ready to be displayed throughout your home, printed photos offer a physical keepsake of your memories. Without the threat of computer crashes or data hacks, printing gives you more ways to enjoy these most prized possessions.

Of course, printing photos isn’t as easy as keeping them on your phone. Our top photo printing tips will help make sure your printed photos are high-quality, the right size and exactly what you pictured.

1. Think about its destination

When investing in photo printing, it’s important to start by deciding what you intend to do with these prints.

  • Do you want a small frame for beside your bed?
  • Do you want to create a scrapbook?
  • Do you want to frame multiple photos in one frame?
  • Do you want the photo to act like a focal point artwork?

Photo prints are always a great opportunity to keep our memories beyond our screens. However, size, location and intention all contribute to what processes you take to print. By considering these details, you can avoid paying for low-quality, awkwardly sized or wrong-textured prints.

2. Use a quality printer

Although our home printers may be powerful, prints by a professional just offer a different standard of quality. By being compatible with different paper types, resolutions and files, a professional printer will produce a better final product across the board. You can get your photo professionally printed at various locations like stationary stores or camera stores. In most cases, the price of printing won’t break the bank but let’s you cherish your favourite memories in high definition. Just make sure you ask about the quality of printer and paper stock used including GSM (thickness) and finish (such as satin, semi-gloss, premium lustre and so on).

Our Frame Today printing services provide a range of sizes for you to choose from and use a professional Epson ColorSure printer to provide you with a crisp and durable print.

3. Check the resolution

Quality will always depend upon a photo’s resolution. If your resolution is too big or too small for the size you’re trying to print, it’ll be fuzzy and pixelated. Typically, the photos on our phone will need to have the resolution expanded if they’re intended to be sized up in print form.

Simple photo editing software will let you edit your image resolution as well as the file type. These changes let the photo be compatible with the printer. For the best end product, opt to use a high pixel or professional camera for a quality photo.

4. Edit to enhance the photo

Social media has taught us how a few simple edits can transform a photo. By adjusting the brightness, saturation and a few other areas, you can increase the clarity and overall appearance of your photo.

These edits will serve to make the image pop when used right. With just a few changes, you can enhance the look and make for a better and more eye-catching print.

5. Use a quality frame

Once you’ve made the effort to achieve a high-quality beautiful print, it deserves professional framing.

Our framing services can work with your photo size, colouring and textures to find the best frame for the print. With decades of experience, we can help keep your memory preserved for generations. Our same-day framing means prints are ready to be displayed in a matter of hours.

Let us handle it

With expert canvas stretching, postersand print services on offer, Frame Today can take care of the entire printing and framing process for personal photos. Our expert framers can help find a style and design that’ll work for you to make this process even easier. Reach out to our friendly team today with your printing and framing needs.

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