Masterpiece in 3-D Artwork Framing

Case Study

Art is not just about the creation; it's also about the presentation. At Frame Today Penrith, we recently had the pleasure of framing a captivating 3-D artwork, turning it into a true masterpiece.

In this blog post, I'll take you behind the scenes of the framing process, highlighting the meticulous steps we took to enhance the beauty of this special piece.

The Foundation: MDF Board

Our journey begins with a solid foundation - the Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF as it’s more commonly known. Renowned for its durability and smooth surface, MDF provides a solid foundation for showcasing this intricate 3-D artwork.

A Touch of Radiance: Silver Matting

To infuse a touch of brilliance, we introduced a silver mat. This not only complements the artwork but also adds a subtle glow, bringing out the finer details and creating a visually engaging contrast. The matboard was designed and cut on our computerized matt cutter.

3d art design

Building a 3-D Space

To ensure a seamless transition from the silver mat to the MDF board, we meticulously built up the layers, matching the height and creating a professional, unified look.

Adding depth and drama to the composition, a black matboard was used to build a 3-dimensional space that would give me the depth to house this 3-dimentional artwork. This strategic element also enhances the overall aesthetic and creates a captivating frame within a frame effect, drawing the viewer's eye to the heart of the artwork.

Elegant Italian Classic Black Box Frame

For the grand finale, we chose an Italian Classic black box frame. This timeless design adds an element of sophistication, framing the artwork with a modern Italian quality frame that enhances rather than detracts from the 3-D art.

Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Ultra Vue Glazing

To ensure that every detail of the 3-D artwork is showcased with unparalleled clarity, we used Ultra Vue glass. This premium choice guarantees brilliant transparency, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the artwork without any distortion.

Framed 3-D art

At Frame Today, we believe that framing is an art in itself. Our recent endeavor with this 3-D artwork exemplifies our commitment to enhancing every piece that comes through our doors. If you have a cherished artwork waiting to be transformed, trust our expert framers to turn it into a masterpiece that not only reflects your style but also preserves the essence of the art for years to come.

Contact our qualified framers in our Penrith store or any of our other stores and let us bring your artwork to life through the perfect custom framing solution for your cherished item.

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