How to Frame a Cross Stitch

DIY arts have majorly increased in popularity since lockdown, as we spend more time homebound and enjoying offline activities.

Cross stitch is a beginner-friendly craft that’s final look can be completely customised, ranging from naturescapes to phrases. Whether it’s a cross stitch kit, created from scratch or the work of an artist, cross stitch art is definitely worthy of a frame.

Made from a unique combination of fabric and thread, cross stitch pieces are thicker and more fragile than paper artwork. By framing your cross stitch, you know it’s going to last well into the future and be presented like a true piece of art. A framed cross stitch artwork lets the true details and dedication of cross stitch be celebrated and conserved.

Due to the materials and medium, an expert eye makes for safer and better framing. If you’re looking to frame cross stitch artwork, Frame Today is here to help.

How to stretch and frame a cross stitch

When it comes to cross stitching, there are actually two stages of framing involved. Before you start the thread work, you need to stretch your base fabric and frame it (or lock it in the circular frame) to keep the piece still whilst it’s being worked on.

The next stage of framing is once the artwork has been completed and involves displaying the piece in a picture frame.

Step 1: Prepare the cross stitch for framing

Begin by removing the piece from the frame it was made in. Once free, you can start preparing the cross stitch to be framed. This includes:

  • ironing creases in the base fabric left by the frame
  • straightening the fabric border
  • trimming any fray threads from the stitch work
  • hand-washing the cross stitch to remove any dust, bacteria or marks from the fabric

Of course, if you purchased your artwork already done, you don’t have to complete these initial steps.

Once the cross stitch is ready to be framed, start by deciding what you want the final product to look like. The next step is finalising the details of this framed piece, such as the shape, proportions and dimensions.

2. Reach out to Frame Today

Frame Today’s team are experts in framing and can help you find the right frame style, size and detail to complement your cross stitch piece.

When you visit a Frame Today store near you, our qualified framers will accurately measure the dimensions of your cross stitch piece and help you select your personalised framing masterpiece.

cross-stitch framing

3. Display your framed cross stitch artwork

Once you’ve collected your Frame Today piece, it’s ready to be shown in its final destination. To learn more about hanging your frame creation, read our guide.

Why is stretching important?

When it comes to framing your cross stitch, it requires extra care to have it looking its best. As it’s fabric work, gaping and wrinkles can happen if it hasn’t been correctly stretched on the frame.

The fabric of the cross stitch artwork needs to be pulled taut to protect the quality of the piece and ensure it can be well displayed.

Our expert team will be able to stretch and mount your cross stitch to the correct tension and frame it professionally, so you don’t need to worry about the fabric falling loose in the frame.

Why frame a cross stitch?

Due to the nature of cross stitch, these artworks benefit from being kept stretched and protected in a frame.

Cross stitching involves up to thousands of threads to form the composition of the artwork. Despite how thin and secure these threads are, it’s not uncommon for them to fray or loosen overtime. A frame can help to minimise this wear and tear.

More importantly, cross stitching makes for beautiful and interesting art that can be best appreciated when framed and hung up. These pieces require countless hours of skill and patience to perfect, and expert framing guarantees it’s truly going to be valued.

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