How to Display Your Diamond Dotz Artwork

After completing your stunning Diamond Dotz artwork, you may be left with the burning question of how to display and preserve it for years to come. After all, your hours of painstaking diamond placement shouldn’t go to waste!

How Should I Preserve My Diamond Dotz?

Displaying your diamond painting creation can be an easy process! You have several options at your disposal, including framing your Diamond Dotz, sealing it or even mounting it to a board or canvas.

But, before you decide on an approach, you should ensure that you have prepared your diamond dotz to be displayed proudly.

Preparing Your Diamond Dotz for Framing

Do a Final Once Over

It would be extremely disappointing to get your creation back from your local framer to find that you accidentally missed a spot. We’d encourage you to take the time to go over your final craft with an eagle eye to ensure there are no bits and pieces missing! A simple trick that works well for full drill designs is to hold the painting up to the light, where empty spots will show through.

Properly Secure the Diamond Dotz

A perfect tool for this is a rolling pin! Gently and with controlled pressure, apply downward weight to the Dotz to ensure none are sitting incorrectly or are not properly secured to the fabric. Take extra care here to ensure you don’t stretch the finished piece.

Clean Your Creation

Using a pair of tweezers or something similar, you should ensure that you do a final once over to remove any dust, dirt, debris or hair from the surface. This is especially important if you have pets that shed!

Due to the adhesive properties of the fabric, it is extremely common for household dirt and hairs to make their way into your painting.

You may find it easier to use a torch or direct light to track down any wayward pieces of lint that may have made their way onto your artwork.

Now that you have finalised your creation, it’s time to weigh up your options to display it.

Mounting or Framing Diamond Dotz Artwork

Mounting Diamond Dotz artwork is a perfectly viable way for you to display your creation. You may need to start by adding a layer of clear sealant, painted onto the surface with a paintbrush. This will protect the surface and prevent damage. After this, you can decide to hang the work however you’d like. You can hang it as is or use glue to attach your art to a pre-made canvas or cardboard backing. However, if you are looking to preserve your artwork, framing is your best option.

Framing Diamond Dotz artwork is the most secure way for you to display your finished creation. With a professional frame, you have the ability to customise not only the frame, but the style of the matboard and the glass to ensure you get a final piece that maintains and enhances your artwork.

At Frame Today, we have extensive experience in framing Diamond Dotz artwork of all shapes and sizes. If your diamond artwork is in a non-standard size, or you are looking for some of the more custom design features that were discussed above, a custom frame may be your best option.

We can help you to decide on the perfect option for you, with our range of ready-made frames perfect for artwork that is are in a standard size or custom framing for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

With quality craftmanship as standard across all our frames, you can expect your diamond artwork to be preserved for many years to come. If you are looking to display and preserve your Diamond Dotz, a Frame Today frame is second to none!

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