How To Display Your Child’s Art

How To Store Kid’s Artwork & Kids Artwork Display Ideas

Colourful crayon drawings, finger painting, watercolours and more oh my! If your fridge and dining table have also become home to the many drawings so generously created by your little ones, you understand the struggle in not only trying to display them in a stylish way but finding spare space to store their treasured artwork for years to come.

Often our children’s artwork can create a cluttered look within the home. Taking up space on the kitchen counter, fridge, dining room table and any other clear surface. It can be an overwhelming task to display, store and organise them.

In our article, we discuss how to store kids’ artwork in a creative way as well as how to create a kids artwork display you will want to show off within your home.

So, why should you frame children’s artwork to begin with?

Often a major concern when displaying kid’s artwork around the home is the sacrifice of personal style and a cohesive interior design theme. But there are simple artwork display techniques that can instantly elevate the look of your kid’s artwork and reduce clutter around the home.

Additionally, displaying your children’s artwork is a lot more than the act of putting up a piece for display because it can also assist with their own personal development. Displaying a child’s artwork instils a sense of self-confidence in children by highlighting the value of their work and celebrating their achievements. It not only shows your child how proud you are of them, but it helps to encourage them to peruse their passions and activities they enjoy.

Importantly, displaying children’s artwork also means you have unique and custom art created for your home that is extremely personalised to your household.

Kids Artwork Display Ideas

Matching Picture Frames

A simple way to create cohesion when displaying children’s artwork that may not match in colours or style is through matching picture frames. Instantly create a unified look and feel by selecting neutral-coloured picture frames side-by-side to display their art. Choose to display their work like a regular picture frame or for a cost-effective framing solution, buy multiple ready-made frames and display them together.

At Frame Today, our online store features a variety of classic frames to suit your children’s art pieces which you can easily order at the click of a button. Or make an excursion out of the framing experience and bring your little ones to your local Frame Today store so they can play a part in choosing the picture frames to display their art.

Collage or Art Wall

If your children love making lots (and lots) of artwork, you might need something on a larger scale to showcase their latest creations that is simple to swap out art pieces with the newest additions to their art portfolio. Our solution to this is a simple twine and peg display.

Simply add small nails or removable hooks to your wall and string twine between them. Then, add pegs to hang their art pieces on each twine string! Add as many rows of twine that suits the size and scale of your space and you have yourself an aesthetic art display.

Convenient Clipboard Wall

Have a spare wall or space in the playroom? Instead of stringing twine across the wall, try installing some clipboards on the wall, evenly spaced to suit the size of your room. This makes it super simple to switch out artwork quickly and looks great when displaying art too!

Custom Pinboards

If you’re looking to get the little ones involved in creating an artwork display solution customised to them, try creating homemade pinboards for them to have in their rooms or the playroom. Head to a local fabric store where they can pick out a fabric that they love and pick up a corkboard from a trade store. Simply staple the fabric chosen to the back of the pinboards and pick up some cute pins for displaying their latest artwork.

The pinboards can then be swapped out for different fabrics as your little ones grow and change. Plus, they can also be re-purposed as vision boards or their own pinboards once they grow up.

Please note, younger children may require some supervision using the pins to hang artwork.

Custom Framing

The best way to preserve your children’s artwork while also displaying them is through a custom picture frame. This ensures the frame is tailored to suit the exact dimensions of your little one’s creation and can assist in creating a cohesive design theme throughout your home.

Our custom frames are all built from sturdy and durable materials, so you can shop with confidence knowing that your treasured artwork pieces will be preserved for years to come.

Kids Artwork Storage Ideas

Looking for the perfect solution to store the multitude of artworks your little one is making? Our variety of tried and tested artwork storage methods can assist in keeping your kid’s artwork organised and orderly.

Storage Bins

A great option if you have multiple little ones who have a knack for producing many new artwork pieces, is a labelled storage bin with a lid. Compact and convenient, these storage bins provide the perfect place for your child’s older artwork to live if you want to preserve their original artwork over time. Simply label a bin or storage box for each child and stow away easily in cupboards, under beds, playroom shelves, home offices and more.

Art Files

Another option for storing your kid’s artwork is a filing cabinet or accordion folder. This provides individual slots for each artwork piece and the tabs can then be labelled with the date of creation to preserve the timeline of the art pieces being produced.

A Dedicated Art Draw

Sometimes the simplest solution is best. Clear out a draw in your home that is dedicated to your children’s artwork and crafty creations. This creates an easy place you can pick up and place their work in, to keep your house looking spick and span.

Digital Art Storage

Don’t want to keep physical copies of their artwork? One of the easiest solutions to save space, particularly if you don’t have a lot of room, is to take a copy or scan of your child’s artwork and upload it to an online drive. This can reduce clutter around the house, but also preserve the memories and artwork produced to look back on. Many modern phones have scanning capability.

Digital Art Book

Like our digital art storage solution, using the photos taken in your digital art gallery drive you can use a custom book printing service to create a memory book of all your child’s artwork pieces to treasure for years to come.

And there you have it! Some simple ways to display your kid’s artwork and store it future enjoyment.

If you’re after more handy framing solutions, be sure to browse our suite of framing services to find the perfect one for you. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our framing offering, get in contact with our framing experts online or by phone.

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