A Guide To Floating Frames

Images by; Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa - Water Dreaming, Megan Nampijinpa Kantama - Marapinti Jukurrpa

Floating frames are a unique and stylish way of displaying artwork and have become increasingly popular in recent years. With a simple and elevated look, floating frames use a technique that creates the illusion that the artwork is floating within the frame.

This frame style is an excellent choice for those who want to add a contemporary and unique touch to their stretched canvas. They can also add an extra layer of depth and dimension to an artwork, adding visual interest to any space. Frame Today’s expert team offer a wide array of frame styles including float frames, so you can enhance your modern art pieces with their modernist look.

What is a floating frame?

A floating frame uses a subtle and seamless framing technique that creates the illusion of an artwork "floating" once hung on a wall. Unlike traditional frames, floating frames don’t have a mat and the artwork is mounted against the back of the frame. With a small gap between the artwork and the frame, the floating frame design gives the impression that the artwork is suspended within the frame. It should be noted that the canvas artwork needs to be stretched before it can sit securely in a float frame.

One key difference between a floating frame and a traditional frame is the absence of a mat. Without this surface to surround the artwork, there’s an empty visual space between the artwork and the frame. This space makes the artwork appear more three-dimensional and create a visual contrast between the artwork and the frame. To suspend the artwork, floating frames use the thin side of each frame piece unlike traditional frame styles. This deep frame creates dimensionality and a shadow effect.

Aboriginal art floating frame

Image by Megan Nampijinpa Kantama - Marapinti Jukurrpa

How we make a canvas float frame

Our framing experts create a floating frame through high quality materials and precise techniques. The process begins by measuring the size of the artwork and selecting the appropriate materials, including a frame and spacers as required. Our team can customise your floating frame to your artwork to ensure the colours and textures are complementary.

The first step when creating a floating frame canvas is to determine what the customer wants to see and measure the face of the canvas. The next step is to stretch over the correct size of stretcher bar that allows for the depth of float frame selected and amount of canvas available to wrap. The canvas should always be recessed by about 5mm so it is not proud or flush. The front of the float frame protects the canvas art because it is recessed relative to the frame. The last step is to fix the stretched canvas into the frame using reversable techniques to ensure the valuable canvas is undamaged.

There is no glass or matboard options because there is no frame rebate against which to secure them. Furthermore, we do not recommend adding glass to canvases anyway because it is preferential to allow a canvas to breathe.

Why use a floating frame?

Floating frames majorly enhance your space and provide an excellent choice for displaying artwork. The three-dimensional effect of floating frames offers a fresh take on framing which is minimal and subtle. 

With a thin frame surrounding the artwork, the piece’s edges and textures can be fully appreciated. This is particularly useful for artwork that has unique edges or textures that would otherwise have been distracted by the mat. With a variety of colours and styles available, a floating frame can perfectly complement the artwork and enhance its overall aesthetic through a faint frame-look.

Aboriginal canvas floating frame

With a modern and sleek look, a floating frame is a stylish and practical framing option with a wide range of advantages. Our team can work with you to achieve your goals through the floating style.

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