Top 5 Unique & Personal Gift Ideas

It’s difficult finding the perfect gift, especially when your family, relative or friend is hard to buy for. You want to give something unique, original and ideally personal. Something that will make an impression and show that you care.

Putting thought into the perfect gift is hard. We’ve all been stuck with no ideas and very limited time to find a gift. Well, if you are struggling for gift ideas for Christmas presents, Birthdays, Valentines Days, Father's Day or any special occasion, we’re pretty sure we’ve got some great gift ideas for all budgets, personal tastes and occasions.

Here’s our top 5 gift ideas

1. Framed Memorabilia

Everyone has a treasured item that sits in their draw or wardrobe and never sees the light of day. Consequently, it gets forgotten and it’s not enjoyed. Well, it’s time to dust off their object, protect it with conservation framing and allow them to display it on their wall. Whether it’s a signed footy jersey, granddads war medals, a pet parent’s memorial items or mums shell collection, we can frame it. We apply conservation standards to not only protect the item but also frame it in a way that can be reversed should they ever wish to.

framed memorabilia gifts

See what other memorabilia we have framed.

2. Needlework Framing

Some of the most popular items we see people framing for themselves are hand-crafted needlework such as tapestry, cross stitch, patchwork and diamond dotz (yes dotz, not dots). If people are framing these for themselves, then there is a need and what’s better than buying your own needlework framing? Having someone buy it for you.

Needlework framing is a great choice of gift because it’s a personal, treasured item that the recipient has put a great deal of work into. Plus, it needs to be framed and hung to be enjoyed and not rolled up and stuffed in a draw.

needlework framing gift

3. Photo Print & Frame

We can all find a stunning photo of person or place, that elicits a great memory or celebrates a special moment. We make it easy for you to take a photo from phone or camera, to create a framed photo-art centrepiece. With our Print & Frame service starting at only $99, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We print your photo on our professional specification paper or canvas on our high-resolution Epson printer, frame it in store and have it ready for you give on the special day. If you need a custom size, special layout or montage of photos, we can craft framing with a creative flair.

print and frame gifts

4. Everyday Essentials Ready Made Frame

Not everyone has access to a photo, memorabilia, needlework or other item, but you can still make it personal. Choose a quality, ready-made frame to which they can add their personal item such as photo, artwork, kids drawing or poster.

Everyday frames start at only $79, are easy to fit up (or we can Tailor it for you) and once hung, create the gift with a personal touch and, like all our frames, are backed by our lifetime guarantee so quality is not compromised.

photo frame gift

5. Gift Card

Some people are just difficult to buy for so why not let them choose? You choose the value, we provide the Gift Card and they choose the gift that they want. Our Gift Cards can be used for any framing including photos, artworks, tapestries, jerseys, sporting memorabilia, personal memorabilia and any item they wish to frame. They can even be used to purchase from our Everyday Essentials ready-made picture frames which we can tailor, or they can fit-up themselves.

There’s no accounting for taste and with a framing Gift Card… problem solved. You purchase Gift Cards online or in-store.

gift cards

Let us help with your next gift

All these gift ideas are backed by our lifetime guarantee so you can be confident that you are giving a quality present… a gift that will last a lifetime.

If you want more unique gift ideas, checkout our Instagram page for inspiration or visit your nearest Frame Today store where we can provide personalised advice to make your gift extra special.

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