Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall for your Next Exhibition

So, the big day has come and it’s time to exhibit the work that you have spent hours crafting, tweaking and polishing. This can be filled with an overwhelming concoction of stress and excitement.

As the framing experts, our team at Frame Today understand that framing plays a crucial role in presenting this art. Not only does it enhance the overall look of the artwork, it also helps to protect it from damage.

Whether you're showcasing your own work or curating a collection of pieces, we are here to ensure that your artwork is the best it can be for your next (or first) exhibition. In this article, we will give you some expert tips for creating the perfect gallery framing.

Consider the artwork

The first step in perfecting your framing is to consider the piece itself. The size, style and colour of the frame should complement the artwork, not distract from it or create too much of a juxtaposition. We recommend looking at the series of artwork as a whole and asking yourself questions such as “what are the similarities between these pieces?” and “how can I tie them all together?”

For example, if you're exhibiting a series of modern art pieces, you might consider framing them all in sleek and minimalist frames to create a cohesive display. On the other hand, if you're showcasing a collection of vintage photographs, ornate frames might be more appropriate. But we’ll leave that up to you, the artist to decide!

Explore the exhibition space

The exhibition space itself should also be considered when selecting framing for your artwork. The framing should complement the surroundings or starkly contrast it, depending on your goal. Before getting any of your work framed, visit the space and note down the wall colour, lighting, decorative elements and even the framing choices of other artworks.

When you come to Frame Today, show this space to one of our accredited team members, who will be able to help guide your decision. For example, if the exhibition space has a lot of natural light, you may want to use UV-protective glass to prevent damage from light exposure.

Make a mark with matting

Matboards or matting is the material that surrounds the artwork and lets it breathe – the “frame within a frame”. It has the power to enhance the visual appeal of your piece by adding depth, contrast and texture.

Matboards with texture and colour

When selecting matting, consider the colour, texture and width. Neutral-coloured matting can provide a clean look, while coloured matting can add a pop of colour to the piece. We recommend exploring a few options based on the emotions you want the audience to feel and colours in your artwork that you wish to enhance.

Use high-quality materials

Whilst it can be tempting to go down the route of finding a quick frame, this will have negative consequences on your artwork in the long run. What you should be looking for is framing that is just as high quality as the art and exhibition itself.

Using high-quality materials is about more than just improving the look of your artwork, it helps to preserve it for years to come. We recommend acid-free materials to prevent discolouration and damage. Different types of glass can also impact your artwork, such as blocking harmful UV rays, eliminating reflection and allowing for easy cleaning.

Work with a professional framer

Framing is an important part of presenting artwork in a gallery setting, helping to create a cohesive and polished display that will captivate your audience. Working with a professional framer can help ensure that your artwork is framed correctly and to the highest quality. They can also provide custom framing options that can help make your artwork stand out.

At Frame Today, we are experts in all things framing. If you’re after a framing solution that works perfectly with your artwork, our team is here to help you today. For detailed quotes, please contact us or visit any of our Frame Today stores and our qualified Picture Framer Association (PFA) framing consultants will provide you with an on-the-spot quote.

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