Can You Fix Broken Picture Frames?

"I have a frame I purchased somewhere else that has broken. Can you fix it?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get in store and via our website. While the short answer is “Yes, we can”, the reality of repairing frames can be far more complicated than that.

Common wear-and-tear is expected over time with even the most expensive frames, but damage for any reason can be a costly exercise for a homeowner. Most broken picture frames can usually be traced back to either a poor choice of materials or faults in the manufacturing process. The most common framing failures we see from other framers and ready-made frames are broken hangers, separated corners and broken glass due to excess movement because the glass wasn’t cut to a precise size when fitted-up.

Unfortunately, if an accident occurs and inferior materials were used, there is less strength in the frame, and this can even lead to damaged artwork. Luckily, this does not have to mean the end of its hanging days and picture frames can be fixed. However, what stops them from inevitably breaking again? Finding someone that knows how to fix a broken picture frame is a band aid answer but can never fully substitute a long-lasting solution.

If the frame is barely stable while hanging it might be time to look at other possibilities available for preserving your artwork. Consider this - is it worth wasting the money replacing frames, when you can spend on a good quality option in the beginning and save the hassle down the track.

The first step is investing in a good quality product. Most retail and homewares store stock cheap photo frames built from plastic and other inferior materials. By cutting corners , low-cost frames can be produced at a fraction of the price and sold as everyday items.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to differentiate between value at a store without some help. When purchasing frames online, it can be even harder knowing what to look for before deciding on a choice.

A great quality picture frame should be preferably constructed from wood . Not only does this last longer, but you can also rest assured it will look better than a low-cost option. High cost does not always equal high quality. But cheaply framing a valuable piece is almost the same as adding budget rims on a sports car or wearing cheap shoes with a beautiful dinner dress. They just do not go together! And, with the proper hanging in place, there’s less chance of it falling off the hooks or damaging your walls in the middle of the night. So yes, while frame repair is possible, inferior frames are always more likely to break again. They can also be very difficult to repair due to the risk of further damage.

Frame Today uses top-of-the-line onsite framing technology to ensure the highest standard of workmanship in all our frames, especially at the cutting and joining stages.

Picture frame cutting and joining

If you have a damaged frame, our consultants will be happy to look at your damaged frame and confirm if repair is advisable. If not, we can help select and fit a replacement in store. We also stock a wide selection of Everyday ready-made options for sale online. With our lifetime guarantee you can’t go wrong!

Find your nearest Frame Today store to speak to one of our experts today.

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