Benefits of using an accredited Picture Framer

What accreditation do picture framers have?

Most picture framers are taught to frame on the job which gives them the opportunity to learn from more experienced framers. This on-the-job training tends to be ad hoc, with no formal structure resulting in a number gaps in the trainee’s skill set. It is also biased towards the trainer’s knowledge, background and interests. Worse still, bad habits, inefficient or out-dated processes can be passed on inadvertently.

In Australia, most framers operate independently of accredited framing organisations. Those who are members, tend to be paid members of overseas organisations such as the Professional Picture Framers Association which provide a great platform for knowledge sharing but little in the way of formal training.

Why use an accredited picture framer?

Using a framer that is accredited can offer numerous benefits to those looking to get their artwork, photographs or other memorabilia framed. Accreditation is a certification process that assures the public that the framer is knowledgeable, skilled and committed to providing quality framing services.

Here are some of the benefits of using an accredited framer:

Quality assurance: Accredited framers adhere to strict quality standards, which means that your artwork or other items will be framed using high-quality materials and techniques that ensure its protection and longevity. Read more about the secrets to quality picture frames.

Expertise: Accredited framers have undergone training and certification programs that have equipped them with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the best possible framing services. They have a deep understanding of the different types of materials, framing techniques and preservation methods that are necessary to protect and showcase your artwork or memorabilia.

accredited trained and qualified picture framers

Preservation: Accredited framers are committed to preserving your artwork or other items for years to come. They use materials and techniques that prevent damage from environmental factors such as light, humidity and temperature fluctuations, which can cause fading, yellowing and other forms of deterioration.

Customisation: Accredited framers are experts in creating custom frames that complement your artwork or other items. They will guide your choice of the most suitable materials, colours and styles that will beautify, enhance and add value of your artwork or memorabilia.

Guarantee: Accredited framers often provide a guarantee on their work, which means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your artwork or other items are in good hands. If there is an issue with the framing job, the framer will make it right.

trusted framer quality guarantee

Using an accredited framer can offer numerous benefits that ensure your artwork or other items are protected, preserved and beautifully displayed. If you're looking for quality framing services that you can trust, look for a framer that is accredited by a reputable organisation.

Trust Frame Today Framers

When you trust Frame Today with your precious items, you can expect to receive expert, high-quality framing service from an accredited picture framing business with a team of highly qualified and skilled framers.

All of our staff undertake the Australian Government backed picture framing apprenticeship program, making our framers the most qualified in Australia. This means that they have a deep understanding of the materials, techniques and preservation methods necessary to provide the highest quality framing services.

Using your local Frame Today framers ensures that your artwork, photos, memorabilia or handcrafts will be framed with the utmost care and expertise. With our commitment to quality assurance and preservation, you can trust that your items will be protected and displayed beautifully for a lifetime.

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