Framing Technology

At Frame Today we firmly believe that you’re only as good as your equipment. You can only produce top quality craftsmanship if you use the best tools and machinery, ensuring that they are well maintained at all times. That is why we only use state of the art picture framing equipment. With new technology being developed on a regular basis, we ensure we stay informed about the latest developments from the world’s leading machinery and equipment suppliers.


When you first walk into any one of our framing stores you will be invited to view a number of framing options - with millions of combinations possible. We can quickly measure your artwork and provide accurate cost-effective pricing options with the use of a powerful Point of Sale software solution, custom designed for our business.

Frame Cutting

Each frame is hand-made for you and we ensure each corner is perfectly cut at 45 degrees using a prescion calibrated guillotine. Having the correct frame cutting guillotine and ensuring it is well maintained is essential when making the perfect cut.

We use the Morso guillotine that cuts and leaves the surface of the wood perfectly smooth, making for accurate, seamless joins. Foot operated, it is a clean and quiet machine that is ideal for our stores, as all framing is done on-site. Larger or ornate frames come from our suppliers as a chop service and sent to us to join.

Frame Joining

Once the frame is cut flat, smooth and at exactly 45 degrees, joining the frame is made easy with the correct v-nailer. By combining the rigidity of v-nails with the longevity of a strong fastening glue, each frame made by our master framers will last a lifetime. With our lifetime guarantee you can’t go wrong!

The Alpha machine Minigraf is specially designed for the versatility of the custom framer and is used in our framing stores. It’s easy to use with the push of a button clamping and holding the picture frame moulding firmly in place for accurate and strong corner joints.

Computerised Mat Cutter

The computerised mat cutter is one of the most advanced pieces of framing equipment and is a major advantage we have over framers still cutting by hand. Gone are the days of 2mm over-cuts. Each corner of the mat board should now be perfect with the use of our computerised mat cutters.

The Valiani and Wizard mat cutters used in our picture framing stores provides our custom framers with state of the art technology using software that allows us to design and cut beautiful custom mats to almost any shape you have in mind. With over 100 templates the design possibilities are endless. We can confidently come up with a mat design and layout to suit anything and everything, including:

  • Multiple openings and mats
  • Decorative lines and shapes
  • Embossing
  • Numeral and word cutting, including names.

Fletcher Multi Cutter

Framers used multi cutters in the past to cut mat boards but with the introduction of computerised mat cutters, these multi cutters are now reserved for cutting foamboard and glass.

The Fletcher Multi Cutter cuts it all, with its easy to use design and interchangeable cutting heads we can cut glass, acrylic and foam boards accurately and quickly.

Epson Wide Format Printer

When printing your photos as prints and posters we print on a wide format 44” Epson SureColor P10070 printer that is designed for high-quality photographic, and fine art reproduction printing. We print on 250 GSM Ilford Photo Paper or Ilford Galerie Prestige Natural Canvas with Ultrachrome Pro ink that delivers colour vibrancy and sharpness needed for beautiful photo wall art.

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