Why you should frame your achievements

Accomplishments can come in all shapes and sizes, from finally finishing that degree to winning an employee recognition award, securing that big deal or even receiving a handmade certificate from your children.

No matter what your accomplishment is for, there is no doubt that it should be given the respect and recognition it deserves. This is where a frame can make a big difference, allowing you to cherish that important accomplishment for decades to come.

At Frame Today, we are experts in preserving the memories that are most important to you, specialising in everything from framing awards to even uniquely shaped trophies.

Why should you frame your achievements?

Showcase your accomplishments

You shouldn’t always be humble with your accomplishments. In fact, at Frame Today, we believe that you should place your accomplishments centre stage – because why hide something that means a lot to you and shows your dedication to a personal passion?

By framing your accomplishments and placing them in a prominent location, such as your home or office, you can share your successes with those around you. This helps you to build connections and be a role model to the people who matter most in your life.

Framing protects and preserves your accomplishments

Certificates and trophies can fade and become distorted over time, becoming covered in spots and discolouration. This can also be paired with a fade in your memory, preventing you from truly cherishing that important moment.

A frame with Frame Today is a great way to preserve your accomplishments. This is thanks to good quality glass and matting, which helps to protect your achievement from dust, moisture and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time.

Military medals and photo framed to protect

Framing improves your professionalism

If your accomplishment is work or university related, it may be worth framing it to add an extra touch of professionalism to your office or workspace. Framing graduation certificates and other work awards can show your dedication and be a source of recognition in your industry, helping to enhance your overall reputation. For instance, your new client may be more attracted to your business if they see your awards outlining the walls, compared to those certificates being filed away in draws.

Framed accomplishments make perfect gifts

Framing an achievement is not only a great way to showcase your own success, but it can also make for a truly special and meaningful gift for someone else. Whether it's a family member, friend or colleague, framing their achievement with Frame Today is a thoughtful way to celebrate their success and show how much you care about their accomplishments.

Types of framing for accomplishments

The type of frame you select for your accomplishment will depend on the accomplishment itself. For instant, a certificate will require a more traditional frame, whilst trophies and memorabilia may need a special trophy frame such as a shadow box.

But no matter which type you have, all our frames come in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary, to suit any taste or decor. You can choose from many colour options, matting boards, glass types and shapes.

How much does framing accomplishments cost?

The cost of framing for awards depends on the types of accomplishment, alongside it’s size, complexity and your frame style of choice. Our qualified Picture Framer Association (PFA) framing consultants at Frame Today can offer you on-the spot advice and quotes.

Are you looking to cherish your accomplishments for life? At Frame Today, we are the experts in everything framing. Explore our website today or get in contact with one of our framing experts online or by phone.

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