Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The Perfect Gift is Just a Frame Away

Looking for that perfect gift for someone special in your life this Valentine's Day. Make framing your choice this year.

When you gift someone something framed you're not just giving them a gift you're giving them a moment, a memory, a feeling to cherish for a lifetime. Do yourself a favour this year and buy the gift that they'll love, and you'll love to give.

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Gifts For Her

Ten framed gifts she will LOVE!

  1. Framed Wedding photos
    Having wedding photos hung on the wall is a beautiful reminder of a momentous day.
  2. Framed Family Pictures
    The perfect way to show off your most treasured moments.
  3. Art Prints
    Find out what she loves? Travel, fashion? Buy a print and have it beautifully framed.
  4. Her Mum's Recipes
    Does she have a favourite handwritten recipe handed down? Frame it as a keepsake to treasure forever.
  5. Wedding Vows
    Make her heart full by printing and framing your wedding vows.
  6. Family Heirloom
    Does she have a special heirloom that's been handed down? Frame to protect it and enjoy for years to come.
  7. Her Favourite Novel
    Yes frame a book! What an amazing piece to display in her reading nook.
  8. Note or Card
    The first card you wrote her, or a special note or something that can can be treasured. Forever.
  9. Flowers
    Dried flowers can make a stunning framed item to keep and admire.
  10. Travel Memories Not just photos!
    Did she keep some special mementos from a trip, maybe a ticket stub a brochure, a t-shirt?? Combine them all and frame those special memories.

Gift For Him

Ten framed gifts he will LOVE!

  1. Framed Jersey
    Get his favourite sports Jersey and frame it, add a matt board & plaque for a wow factor.
  2. Sports Memorabilia
    Signed ANYTHING, we can frame it all, bring it in and we'll help you choose the best options.
  3. Art Prints
    Vintage cars? Diagrams, travel? There are 1000's to choose from and framing gives that professional finish.
  4. His Dad's Tools
    Does he have a special tool that used to be his Dads? Frame it with a plaque.
  5. Games & Comics
    Got a gaming or comic fan?**Frame his favourite game or comic for a fantastic addition to his gaming room.
  6. Music Memorabilia
    Is he into music? A record, CD, tape, signed t-shirt, poster; we can do it all. Make it last with UV protective glass.
  7. Family Photos
    The perfect gift is his favourite family pics framed.
  8. Family Memorabilia
    Does he have his Dad's old war medals or a special item he's held onto for some time? Frame it and keep it safe for a lifetime.
  9. Kids Art
    Have the kids made something special for Dad? Frame those precious memories.
  10. Boys Toys
    Has he got a true love of his life? Car, Motorbike or Boat? Frame a picture or a piece of his pride and joy to proudly display.

Whatever you choose for your love this Valentine's Day, let your nearest Frame Today store help you make is special, make it personal, make it last a lifetime. Life is a story told by the pictures on your walls, cherish yours today.

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Happy Valentine's Day

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