Tips for Preserving Childhood Memories

For many of us, apart from a few vague recollections, our earliest memories are often limited. Although you can hear the stories from other family members, there’s nothing quite like having the memory as an adult yourself. Whether it’s to trigger a childhood memory or fill in a complete blank, having something that ignites an important childhood moment years later is priceless.

Frame Today are experts that can help you preserve childhood artwork, photos, certificates and more. Look back in years to come at framed childhood pieces that are still in the same condition and reminisce on childhood memories.

If precious childhood pieces aren’t preserved, you’re leaving them open to being affected by dust, weather and age. Give the ultimate gift of childhood memories to your children now and invest in quality framing to keep these memories safe. 

What items should be preserved for important childhood memories?

  • Photographs: Although this one seems obvious, photographs are a great way to evoke nostalgia. Today, with the availability of technology, taking photos has become a part of our daily lives. The issue we face now is locating the significant moments amongst thousands of less important photos. Preserving a selection of photos from milestone moments can preserve special childhood memories.   
  • Artwork and crafts: Preserved drawings, paintings and other creative projects that hold sentimental value will evoke special childhood memories. A painted handprint set is a great example of a piece of artwork that could be preserved and special to look back on years later.
  • Letters and cards: Preserving special letters, cards and notes received from family members in the first few years of life is a great way to revisit the past and remember the people who were important to you in that stage of life.
  • School work and achievements: Selectively keeping a few notable school assignments, awards or certificates can bring back childhood memories of accomplishment and remind you of where the academic journey started. Keeping newspaper cuttings from a birth date is also a great way to reminisce.
  • Special toys or clothing. Certain toys or stuffed animals can hold sentimental value and keeping some of your favourites that were particularly meaningful or representative of childhood can preserve these memories.
Kids cat art in black frame with white matboard

How can framing preserve important childhood memories?

Framing helps preserve childhood memories by protecting delicate or fragile items, such as artwork or photographs from damage caused by handling, light exposure, dust or moisture. Professional framing acts as a barrier, shielding the item from harm and keeping it in original condition for extended periods of time.

The glass you opt for in your final design can have a massive impact on the overall level of preservation you can achieve. Read more about your picture frame glass options here.

Why should childhood memories be framed?

Other than keeping your childhood memories preserved and in good condition for years, framing allows you to showcase cherished childhood memories by displaying them on the walls and creating a visual reminder of the moments and experiences that shaped you. This reminder brings nostalgia and keeps these memories at the forefront of your mind.   

Framing provides an opportunity to include additional information or context alongside the memory itself. Frame Today can include plaques and other custom details that explains the significance of a childhood item or provide details about the event or people featured. This helps ensure that the memory is not lost or forgotten over time, providing context and a valuable historical record.

Framing your childhood memories not only physically preserves them but also emotionally and mentally preserves them.

Taking the time to personalise the framing process of your childhood memory can reinforce the importance and value of that memory. This can evoke strong emotions and a sense of gratitude for the experiences and people associated with those childhood memories.

Custom framing honours and cherishes childhood memories while creating a visual, personalised story.

How much does framing childhood memories cost?

The cost to have an item framed will always depend on the size, complexity and any personalised framing choices.

For detailed quotes, please contact us or visit any of our Frame Today stores and our qualified Picture Framer Association (PFA) framing consultants will provide you with an on-the-spot quote.

With our industry leading knowledge, we will be able to create the perfect frame to preserve your childhood memories. Enquire now!

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