Tim & Rod: Winners of The Amazing Race Australia

Our Frame Today Warner Bay store recently assisted the winners of the 2019 edition of The Amazing Race Australia in turning their valuable competition mementos into a work of art worth displaying.

The dream team!

Tim and Rod Sattler-Jones met in 2017 and were married only a few months before competing on the fourth season of The Amazing Race Australia.

They were both the first romantic and first same-sex couple to win in the Australian franchise, beating out 10 other teams to take out the top prize.

After the race’s action-packed finale, they kept several items including their iconic sleeveless “flannos” and the final clue that cemented their win.

What is the inspiration for the frame?

According to our framing consultant Hamish who worked closely with Tim and Rod on the project:

"I wanted to personalise it for them and their Amazing Race experience. Noticing the pictures of them with mud on their faces and running across dry dirt, I choose to go with an Earthy theme while still displaying a classy and presentable finish."

What is the framing made of?

We started with a brown background to represent the Earth and a weathered-looking frame as if it had travelled around the globe, just as Tim and Rod did during filming for the show.

The frame is an Italian-made Bellini ornate mould called the Rosa Antique. This is one of many selections from our designer framing selection and a perfect choice for their taste.

In the top corners of the frame, we added two personal elements for the couple.

In the top left are two small blue running figures to represent their teamwork. In the opposite right-hand corner are two red love hearts to represent their marriage.

The top mat board has a suede finish with bottom red and brown float mats, all premium conservation quality.

The picture frame glass is a clear UltraVue® glazing that provides a 70% UV filtration. This also comes with an enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning.

Check out the full reveal and their reactions below!

Where will they keep the frame?

According to the boys, Tim and Rod recently converted their back room into a podcast studio, where this frame will sit as the centrepiece of the room.

Thanks to the UV protection offered by the glazing, they will not have to worry about damage from the sun in the long run!

If you have an item of value that you think could do with some attention, find out more about our memorabilia framing services or contact our team below!

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