Taylor Swift Memory Box Frame

Taylor Swift mania reached our Tuggerah store with a surprise memorabilia frame being crafted for the “Swiftie” in the house. Currently, this is all the rage over social media and Dad wanted to surprise his daughter with a custom frame that featured The Eras Tour, Sydney Australia poster, her entry wristband along with the paper confetti & beads she collected during the concert. This event memorabilia sat at the bottom of the frame, complimenting the large poster.

There were some special considerations capturing the essence of this Taylor Swift concert experience, and in this article I will take you through how we helped Dad achieve the preservation and presentation of this exciting event.

3D Box Frame

In order to mount the 3-dimensional items, a deep shadow box frame was guilloteen cut to the millimeter and joined with v-nails to ensure seamless corners that would stand the test of time. We selected a white box frame due to its simple elegance, very much on theme with Tay Tay.

 white box frame

Reversible Poster Mounting

The concert poster was mounted on lightweight foamcore and positioned in a back matboard. We used the conservation T-hinge method to attach the poster, a reversible method ensuring the preservation of this precious item.

 t-hinge taylor swift poster

Music Memorabilia Float

Space beneath the poster was added to mount the wristband with confetti piling up below, like a colourful party snowdome!

 taylor swift poster confetti

Matboard Packout

In order to maintain the space between glass & the poster, a “packout” matboard was used to match the poster colour (wheat) and was hand-fitted inside the frame providing a subtle colour shift, complementing the predominantly white theme of the home where the frame would be displayed.

 Matboard packout wristband confetti

The result of this creative endeavor left Dad thoroughly pleased with the outcome, hopeful that his thoughtful gesture would earn him the coveted Father-of-the-Year award. Fingers crossed!

The final result was a personalised and heartfelt creation that encapsulates the magic of a Taylor Swift concert experience.

 Taylor Swift memorabilia

If you would like framing advice for any of your music or other memorabilia, please contact us at Frame Today Tuggerah or any of our NSW or QLD stores.

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