Framing a Chalkboard

The humble chalkboard continues to provide a unique and interesting decor option. Easily customised, a chalkboard can be added to your home, office or business for a rustic and fun way to present messages.

A custom frame provides an ideal way to showcase your chalkboard so it can be easily displayed and lets your chalk designs rival an artwork. With a range of styles, colours and sizes, framing can elevate the board and transform a space.

What is a framed chalkboard?

For many of us, chalkboards bring back school day memories and are a source of nostalgia, which can be a fun addition to your home or business. Unlike card, paper or fabric banners, chalkboards can be easily reused. Whilst most are compatible with chalk, they can also be drawn on with paints, markers or other materials.

They’re also a great economical option to communicate messages on a large scale and require very little maintenance. Chalk itself is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than, say, whiteboard markers.

The addition of a frame helps protect chalkboards long-term to make them more durable.

Why frame your chalkboard?

Chalkboards as decoration have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Today’s design trends have us incorporating this vintage-inspired decor into our homes and beyond. Framing your chalkboard lets you reap the many benefits they offer.


Chalkboards have had such a long history because they can be customised again and again. Their dark surface can be cleaned and reused day after day without any wear and tear. This lets you make easy changes to whatever you write or draw. Start over and change it up whenever you need with a simple wipe. The addition of a frame helps protect chalkboards long term so you can really make use of their reusable nature.

Repurpose old materials

Another great benefit of chalkboards is that they're an easy DIY project, and simple way to repurpose unused wood boards. Chalkboard paint is readily available today from any hardware store and can be easily applied with a few coats. This lets you transform any scraps of timber plains into an engaging and functional decor piece. Perfect for kid’s zones or even restaurants. By framing this DIY project, you can elevate the overall look and make it easy to hang and use.

Engaging artwork

The dark matte surfaces of chalkboards make messages always stand out due to the contrast in tones. The black or green with the bright colour of chalk makes an engaging artwork that’s easy to read and acts as a focal point in any space. No matter the size, chalkboards always make for great and engaging artworks and a frame only adds to the artistic flair.

Where to put your framed chalkboard

Chalkboards add value to many different spaces, acting as an effective and fun way to communicate. Here are a few suggestions of spaces that could be enhanced by the addition of a chalkboard.

At home

  • The Kitchen: by placing a chalkboard in this central living hub, your chalkboard can track chores or pass on messages to the whole family.
  • The Study: our home offices are more important than ever and adding a reusable space to jot down ideas and keep track of homework or projects can be a massive help.
  • The kid’s room: it’s always important to have plenty of space for our kids to express themselves creatively. A chalkboard provides an easy-to-clean spot for your kids to draw and write.

At work

  • Restaurants: chalkboards are a great way to present specials or menu updates that can be easily changed for the next day. The black and white colour combo also looks subtle and classic.
  • Co-working spaces: by adding a vintage touch, a framed chalkboard could be a great option for offices or work spaces. They’re great to track work, brainstorm ideas and showcase messages.

Get in touch

Professional framing lets you make the most of your chalkboard. With a wide range of frames on offer, Frame Today will have the perfect design for your framing needs. Get in touch with our team today.

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