New Environmentally Friendly Picture Frames

Italian Classics Go Green is now part of our Everyday, Essentials and Same Day frame range at Frame Today. The ever popular Italian Classics range has always been a cost-effective range of frames but is now part of an Italian government eco-friendly program driving more environmentally conscious manufacturing. The process involves using more water based and hybrid Italian paints applied to this range of frame mouldings.

Fewer Emissions

Our Italian suppliers have embarked upon the Italian Classics Go Green initiative mandated in law by the Italian Government. The program aims at changing frame mouldings so all Italian moulding suppliers work toward more sustainable choices, doing their part to conserve our environment.

As part of the Go Green program, our Italian suppliers have replaced the traditional solvent-based paints with water-based and hybrid Italian paint coatings. This reduces the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere by approximately 75%, resulting in a reduction of 18,000 kg of VOC every year.

Human and Environmental Health

With 75% fewer emissions and a reduction of 18,000kg of Volatile Organic Compounds this is a positive step taken by leaders in our industry. This provides customers more choice when it comes to making purchasing decisions that support their environmental values which is why we have included this range as part of our Everyday ready-made frames available instore and online, as well as our Same Day and Essentials range of custom picture frames.

Ask our framing consultants in your nearest store about our Go Green options when selecting your next ready-made frame, photo frame or custom frame.

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