A Guide To Gifting Framed Art

Pictures are a powerful and unique gift that can express emotions in a way that words simply cannot. They can evoke memories, inspire creativity and add beauty to any space. Giving the gift of art and photos is a meaningful way to show appreciation, celebrate special occasions and express love and affection.

Custom framing your pictures allows you to tailor the presentation of the artwork, photograph or object to suit the recipient's home and decor. With a variety of framing options available, you can choose a style and colour that perfectly complements their existing decor or creates a standout statement piece.

At Frame Today, our expert framers can help you create a customised frame that perfectly showcases your chosen artwork and matches the recipient's style. Whether it's a sentimental family photo or a beloved piece of art, a custom frame is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.

Customise to recipient’s taste

Giving art and photos as gifts in a customised frame is a great way to show your appreciation and love. By selecting the perfect piece of art and elevating with a custom frame, you give a thoughtful gift that’s been personalised to the recipient's taste. This is a great way to celebrate who they are and gift something you know they’ll love.

By selecting a custom frame, you can choose the style, colour and materials to perfectly complement the artwork and their personality and home style as well. From classic wood frames to modern simple finishes, the possibilities are endless.

A gift that says you care

A custom framed artwork is the ultimate personal gift that’s bound to leave a lasting impression when you handpick the photo or artwork and matching frame. Through the elevated and luxe details, you communicate how much you care. You can even include a special message or add an engraved plaque to the frame to commemorate the moment as well.

Artwork isn’t just a decoration, it can convey a personal and emotional message and once exhibited, this emotion can be re-experienced every day. Custom framing also provides protection for the artwork, helping it to last for generations to come. By using acid-free materials and UV protection glass, the artwork can stay in pristine condition.

Range of styles available

At Frame Today, our expert framers can help you create a customised frame that perfectly showcases your chosen artwork as well as the recipient's style. Our range of framing styles includes classic wood frames, sleek modern frames, rustic barnwood frames and much more. We also offer various matting and mounting options, allowing you to customize the framing to your preferences.

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We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality framing materials that not only look beautiful but also provide protection for the artwork. Our framing materials are archival quality, meaning that they are acid-free and will not cause any damage to your artwork.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary and minimalist framing style or a more traditional and ornate look, our team of expert framers can help you find the perfect style that suits your artwork and preferences.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking to give the gift of framed art, our team of expert framers at Frame Today are here to add the final touch. Our wide range of framing options can enhance the beauty of your artwork, photograph or item, with our range of stunning framing styles. Contact the team today!

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