5 Reasons to Consider Corporate Framing

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Corporate Framing

Framing services are best known to showcase personal photographs in the home, but they are a perfect addition to your corporate office. Quality framing services transform and elevate your business space. From displaying your corporate accolades to preserving your valued documents, here are Frame Today's top five reasons why you should consider corporate framing.

1. Elevate Your Business

Professional framing throughout your corporate space can effectively elevate the overall image of your business. With different framing sizes, suitable for team staff photography or relevant artwork, framing service brings legitimacy and professionalism to your corporate space. When you showcase imagery, you can visually represent your corporate values and personality, from work culture to art.

Frame Today’s services gives you the ability to select and be supported in designing gallery walls for your corporate space. With a skilled eye for framing and exhibiting, Frame Today can help understand your space and its needs, through the right use of framing sizes and materials.

With a wide range of framing options, we can collaborate to construct framing work that is tailored to your corporate setting. This service can refine and legitimise your corporate image and space for the future.

2. Preservation & Conservation

Professional framing will effectively preserve important documents and memorabilia to avoid damage or destruction. It’s not uncommon for some of your most prized possessions to accumulate in an overflowing filing cabinet or simply, end up lost.

By framing these items you can rest assured they are kept safe with the right materials to maintain the quality and integrity of the item. Frame Today's skilled staff understand how to best showcase and conserve the items important to your corporate image. To ensure this, Frame Today uses specialised methods, without staples or superglue to maintain the original condition but also ensure they can be removed or altered if needed.

From licences to certificates and memorabilia, framing ensures your most valuable corporate documentation is not only showcased but kept in top quality condition. Framing is a simple way to protect these most important corporate belongings.

Conservation framing for your business

3. Quality Materials & Craftsmen

Professional framing is the best way to not only exhibit imagery, but use the high quality materials and methods worthy of a corporate setting. Framing Today has a wide range of quality picture frame finishes, colours and timber materials and a team of quality framer craftsmen who can guide you through the decision. Our corporate frames are made in store, under the guidance of Picture Framers Association design consultants, ensuring a high quality and exclusive service.

With millimetre accuracy and considered finishes, your corporate framings will be of a high standard. Frame Today offers every customer a lifetime guarantee, providing the trust and confidence their framing needs will be met.

4. Display Accolades

Framing is a great way to highlight your corporate identity and achievements throughout your space in a professional and high quality manner. Displaying your accolades can not only impress office guests by easily communicating the achievements and status of your business place, but also serve to boost staff morale.

Using our professional services, framing can showcase these items in both aesthetic and functional ways. Corporate framing is a great way to celebrate your corporate achievements and qualifications by displaying them for daily viewing.

Corporate certificate framing and business achievements framed

5. Convenient Service

Frame Today has 14 locations across Australia providing convenient and comprehensive services. Unlike most framers with off-site workshops, Frame Today offers an on-site workshop, avoiding extensive turnaround times and the risk of damage or loss. Our many stores let you complete your consultation at your local store, and be supported with helpful customer service and quality technology on site.

Our convenient service simplifies the framing process, making it easy for corporate framing to be completed quickly and seamlessly. Frame Today prioritises the quality of our services and your experience as the customer, making it the perfect contact for corporate framing projects that require the time and knowledge to complete at a high standard.

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We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our picture frames which means you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality craftsmanship. Our team can also recommend the best way to protect your artwork through correct hanging, proper lighting techniques and safeguarding from humidity.

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