COVID-19 Keeping You Safe

All Frame Today stores are now OPEN!!

It won’t be long before life goes back to some type of normality! In the meantime, our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of customers and staff, so each Frame Today store will follow the guidelines provided by state governments:

  • Facemasks worn by customers and staff
  • QR code sign in
  • Hand sanitiser provided for use on arrival and departure
  • Strictly practice physical distancing in stores
  • Requesting customers not to handle samples
  • Conducting regular sanitising and cleaning of all touchpoints including frames, frame samples, design benches, machinery and payment terminals
  • Ensuring the number of people permitted in-store is not exceeded
  • Accepting card payments as the preferred contactless payment method

Frame Today has registered as a COVID Safe business under the NSW and QLD Government initiatives.

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