Framed Mirrors

A stylish framed mirror can make a room feel more spacious, especially if it is hung in the right location in a nice bright, uncluttered area with lots of space to maximize the effect.

At Frame Today we stock a large range of top quality mirrors, imported from Europe and made here in Australia at our Frame Today factory in Maitland. Our selection of mirrors can be used for a range of purposes from wall hangings to bathrooms, bedroom dressers, wardrobes, foyers and reception areas.

As well as our large range of ready-made mirrors, Frame Today can also custom build and cut mirrors with our precise Eurpoean cutting machines to suit your space and style requirements. All our mirrors are hand crafted by expert framers so you can be confident they will look fantastic and add that touch of class to your home or business.

We only use top quality glass in all of our mirrors and you can choose from non-beveled or beveled edges. There is a large range of mirror frames to choose from in metallic, mat, gloss and ornamental, in both simple and decorative designs and in shapes from circle, square or rectangle to custom sizes.

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