Block Mounting

Our Today Mount is a great, cost effective alternative to traditional block mounting. Block mounting (or display mounting) is the process of fixing a picture to a ridged backing board and is a cost effective alternative to picture framing. Block mount boards can be made from wooden MDF boards, foam core boards or more practical polyurethane boards which are available under a number of brand names. Block mount boards tend to be 10mm to 20mm thick.

The down-side with block mounted artwork is that the edges can look unfinished, faded (where the MDF boards absorb the black stain) and the corner of the artwork is unprotected, and if damaged, unrepairable. Our solution is Today Mount.

Today Mounting Posters and Prints

Our very own Today Mount is a great, cost effective alternative. In this process we mount your poster to a 5mm foam core backing board and add a 20mm deep frame to provide good rigidity, easy hanging and great looking, cost effective option for your poster or print.

We recommend our Today Mounts for -

  • Inexpensive posters where no conservation or protection is required
  • Short-term display of pictures
  • Displaying pictures where glass is not allowed or considered too dangerous
  • Hanging pictures where there are limited wall fastening options and light weight is essential
  • Those on a tight budget who are happy with this frameless finish.
  • Replacement for traditional Block Mounts.

Contact us to discuss the suitability of Today Mount for your next print or poster.

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