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Glass options

Customer Service - Friday, October 21, 2016 | Comments (0)


Glass Options Available


You may or may not know that we have quite a few choices when it comes to glass. But why would you choose one over another and is the investment really worth First let’s look at the types of glass and what the differences are.


Standard Clear Glass


Standard clear glass is glass that you find on frames you buy off the shelf. It has no protection from UV and only protects from dust. It is quite reflective. Good for cheap posters and replaceable photo prints in low lit areas.


Non-reflective glass


Non-reflective glass offers better viewing with a matte-like finish that scatters light to minimise glare. It offers no protection from UV light. And cannot be used for box frame items where the item is set back. Suggested use for no more than 3 stacked matboards.


UV Clear Glass


UV glass protects your artwork, photo or memorabilia from fading which is caused by UV light. Clear UV glass cuts out 99% of ultra violet light to provide UV protection under clear glass as the name suggests.


UV Non-reflective Glass


Non-reflective or non-glare UV glass offers the same protection as clear UV glass but has a matte-like finish that scatters light to minimise glare.


Museum glass


Museum glass also protects your framed item from fading and provides 99% UV protection. The benefit of museum glass is that it provides reflection free viewing for amazing clarity and anti-static properties. It provides enhanced colour perception, brightness and contrast levels.


Which Glass Should I Choose?


All Frame Today staff are expertly trained and can advise you which option is your best choice to provide the level of protection so your items last a lifetime.


Same Day Framing

Lucy Tarrant - Wednesday, June 03, 2015 | Comments (0)

At Frame Today our vision is to provide new levels of customer service by offering same day framing, quality workmanship and the best prices at all of our nine stores.

Our unique same day picture framing service gives you over 100 different ready-made styles of picture frames to choose from in industry standard and custom sizes and with the choice of -

  • Clear glass
  • Non-reflective glass
  • UV clear glass
  • UV non-reflective glass
  • Museum glass
  • Perspex

Plastic frames are not used at Frame Today as they are inferior quality and will degrade overtime. Instead we use natural, timber frames that are long-lasting and more resilient to weathering and we can even supply metal frames if required.

All Frame Today stores have workshops on-site with the latest European framing machines and computerised cutters so we can frame almost anything from poster prints and photographs to paintings, artworks and memorabilia and will recommend the best conservation and preservation quality options to ensure the longevity of your framed work.