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Picture Framing Hanging and Storage

Lucy Tarrant - Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | Comments (0)

We recommend to our customers that when you get your artwork home the following points are taken into consideration when hanging your picture framing and the storage of your picture frame or photo frame.

Frames should always be hung on a wall that is internal (it doesn't back onto the outside of the house).

Try to avoid hanging your picture opposite a window.

Do not hang your picture above a fireplace or on a chimney.

Although most light causes UV damage it is best to avoid hanging you picture frame in direct sunlight.


If you intend to store your artwork the following issues should be taken into account - 

Avoid storing you artwork in a place with large temperature variations like a shed.

Avoid storing your artwork above the ceiling, under the house, in a cellar or any place that has heat and damp as this can cause damage to your artwork.

If you are storing a framed artwork it is best to store it wrapped and in the vertical position the correct way up as to avoid any waving in the artwork.