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How to choose colours for your artwork

Lucy Tarrant - Monday, September 29, 2014 | Comments (0)

How to choose colours for your artwork.

The colour combination of the framing design you choose has a profound effect on the emotion and the overall outcome of your frame artwork.

When selecting the design for your artwork you need to know:

  • Where will your framed artwork be hung?
  • What is the colour scheme of the room and colours you want to highlight?
  • What style décor is it to suit?
  • Will the picture hang near a piece of furniture?
  • What are the colours in your artwork?
  • Study the design of the artwork, is it delicate or bold?
  • Are the colours bright, pale or opaque?

We at Frame today can help you with all these decisions, we have dedicated design consultants to go through these options with you step by step.